Leading in the alliance of Salah al-Din our identity for (Tigris): the settlement of our reservations on the budget and we expect to be included in the meeting next Wednesday



25-02-2018 07:10 PM

The Salahuddin Alliance announced our identity on Sunday that our reservations on the budget have been adjusted and we are waiting to be included in the budget session.

A leader in the alliance Salahuddin Shaalan Karim (Tigris), that has been settled our reservations on the budget and we expect to be included in the meeting next Wednesday ‘,

Al-Karim added that “the amounts of compensation for those affected in the liberated areas are very poor and there is a great injustice for all affected citizens in the provinces.” He pointed out that “passing the budget according to the principle of majority in it is a great injustice for the people of the liberated provinces.”



Parliamentary Security for Mawazin News: Iraq is unable to conclude a weapons deal with Moscow

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Since 2018-02-25 at 20:07 (Baghdad time)

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Mawazin News Member of the parliamentary security committee Shakhwan Abdullah, on Sunday, the conclusion of Iraq contract with Russia to buy a missile system.

“We are on the doorstep of the 2018 budget legislation and did not include allocations to the Ministry of Defense on the scale of such a deal,” Abdullah told Mawazine News. “Iraq has suffered a lot from holding arms deals with Russia, which was concluded in previous years. , And there is a lot of corruption in each other. ”

“Iraq, after US forces enter and even after they leave the security agreement, is not free enough to make arms purchases without concurrence and careful study,” Abdullah said.

Local media have determined that Iraq intends to contract with Russia to purchase several advanced Russian missiles to strengthen its military system, especially after fighting many battles against the organization of the preacher of the terrorist, but these contracts always face obstacles.


Re-opening the road to Kirkuk – Erbil early next March

25-02-2018 06:55 PM

The Kirkuk-Erbil road will be reopened early next March in the presence of a delegation from the Interior Ministry in the Kurdistan region and the central government, an informed source in the province of Kirkuk said Sunday.

“The Kirkuk-Erbil road will be reopened on Thursday, March 1, in the presence of a delegation from the Interior Ministry in the Kurdistan region and the central government,” the source said.

It is noteworthy that the bombing of the bridge in the area of ​​the bridge, north of Kirkuk on October 20, 2017, led to the cutting of the road between Kirkuk and Erbil, and Peshmerga center on the road to Arbil and Iraqi forces in the direction of Elton Kubri.


Parliamentary Committee: Oil added $ 8 million to the State Treasury



Sunday 25 February 2018 | 06:43 PM

BAGHDAD / The Parliamentary Committee on Economy and Investment announced on Sunday the addition of financial revenues of 8 million dollars from the Ministry of Oil to the State Treasury within the revenues of oil exports last year 2017.

“The House of Representatives will make significant changes in the budget of 2018 after the entry of financial revenues of $ 8 million from the oil export of 2017 by the Ministry of Oil,” said Vice-Chairman Harith al-Harthy told Iraq News.

He added that “the budget will see new financial revenues through the delivery of border ports and airports from the Kurdistan Regional Government to the federal government.”

He explained that “through the meetings of the House of Representatives next will be the distribution of funds in the budget of 2018 to be inclusive of all segments of the people of the staff and the unemployed by providing salaries.” Finished


Return of the real estate bank to Mosul to contribute to its reconstruction


© AFP | A photograph taken on 14 February 2018 for the great destruction in Mosul

MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) – The real estate bank on Sunday reopened its branch in the city of Mosul to support the reconstruction of the city, home to nearly 2 million people, after it was destroyed by fighting against the Islamic state.

The real estate bank closed its branch when the extremist group seized control of the city in June 2014, most of whose buildings were turned into rubble by battles to regain control.

“The bank’s building was opened today,” bank manager Saifuddin Mohamed told AFP. “The lending will be done through direct applications or electronic submission” via the Internet.

“Loans will be granted for the construction, purchase or rehabilitation of residential units.”


Deputy to / Mawazin News /: The governments of Baghdad and Erbil reached almost completely on the budget


Since 2018-02-25 at 17:45 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad – Mawazine News

Revealed a member of the House of Representatives Harith al-Harithi, Sunday, the reach of the federal governments and the Kurdistan region to a near-complete consensus on the share of the current budget this year, indicating that the meeting of the three presidencies scheduled to be held on Monday will address the need for Parliament to approve the draft budget law.

Al-Harithi told Mawazine News that “there is a near-total agreement between Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the Kurdistan Regional Government President on the sidelines of their meeting the Munich Security Conference held in mid-February on the draft budget law in Parliament,” noting that ” Managed to convince the Kurds with their share of up to 14% instead of 12% as stated in the draft law.

Al-Harthy said that “the Kurdish deputies, especially the deputies of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, insist on stubbornness and shelved any solutions offered by the government to pass the budget unless their demands are met, which is the proportion of the Kurds from the budget, 17%.”

On the meeting of the three presidencies on Monday, Al-Harthy explained that “the presidential meeting will see the discussion of the budget and the mechanism passed in the House of Representatives, because most of the state institutions are suspended from work due to delay the adoption of the budget.”

Revealed the House of Representatives Emad Jokna, on Sunday, a meeting expected for the three presidencies within the next 48 hours to resolve differences on the budget law. Ended 29/5


Kurdish parties meet in the coming hours on the budget


The Kurdish Change Movement, on Sunday, a meeting expected to include the main Kurdish parties to discuss the offer of the federal government on raising the proportion of the province in the budget, pointing to representatives of the Kurds in the Finance Committee parliamentary will make a full presentation of the updates that have been budgeted.

“The Kurdish parties will meet within the next two days to issue an official response to the changes made by the government in the draft financial budget,” said MP Shirin Reza.

She added that ‘representatives of the Kurds in the Parliamentary Finance Committee will make a presentation on the updates that were received in the budget and to discuss the possibility of passing the budget in the meeting next Wednesday’.

Reza noted that ‘the government began to deal with the crisis in a positive way and resolve outstanding issues with Erbil on the budget and other issues’.