Association of Private Banks concludes the course «Accounting for financial institutions



Economy News Baghdad:

The Association of Iraqi Private Banks held the closing ceremony of the “Accounting for Financial Institutions” session with the participation of 43 trainees working in banks and financial transfer companies, in the presence of the Turkish ambassador in Iraq Fatih Al-Yazid and the official spokesman of the Central Bank Dr. Bassem Abdul Hadi and a number of directors of Iraqi and Turkish private banks.

The training course was launched last Monday and was attended by staff in accounting and finance departments for the purpose of developing their capabilities.

“The banking sector is considered one of the best sectors in the Iraqi economy and the most important factor to develop the country and achieve economic development,” he said, noting that “the natural resources possessed by Iraq can be invested by the banking sector by granting loans to companies. “He said.

“We support the strengthening of relations between Iraqi and Turkish banks, which facilitates the process of trade between the two countries,” adding that “the Association of Iraqi private banks is a very important institution and supported by the central bank and the government.”

“We offer our support to the efforts of the Association of Iraqi private banks in the development of banking cadres that will be reflected positively on the Iraqi banking sector.”

On the other hand, the representative of the Central Bank, his spokesman, Dr. Bassem Abdul Hadi, said in his speech during the graduation ceremony that “the Central Bank supports the efforts of the Association in establishing courses and practices in the development of the work of private banks,” noting that “the banking sector Iraqi development, especially in recent years, which confirms that the banks will be a prominent role in the current stage of the stage of construction and reconstruction.

Meanwhile, the President of the Association of Private Banks, Wadih al-Hanalal, said that “the training courses organized by the Association aims to develop human cadres and the banking sector.” He pointed out that “the stability of the dollar exchange against the dinar will encourage foreign companies to invest inside Iraq.”

He pointed out that “the banking sector seeks to open up to the Turkish banking sector in order to strengthen economic relations between the two countries.”

Also attending the ceremony were Ayman Abu Dahaima, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Iraqi Bank, Suha Al-Kafai, Director of the International Bank of Iraq and representatives of the Turkish Agricultural Bank, Middle East and North Africa.

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