Abadi: The world has great confidence in Iraq

(Independent) .. Prime Minister Haider Abadi said that the world has great confidence in Iraq, noting that the conference to reconstruct Iraq in Kuwait was a major step towards clarifying the position of Iraq globally and that the projects of Basra and support has been put forward at the Kuwait conference strongly.

Al-Abbadi said that he met today with the members of Basra Provincial Council in the presence of Basra Governor As’ad al-Eidani and security leaders to the importance of meeting the needs of Basra.

There are important projects to be completed, namely Zubayr, Qibla, Al-Huli, Basra Water and many other projects, in addition to providing job opportunities. He also highlighted the importance of integrating projects to achieve them and provide services to citizens.

Abbadi reiterated condolences to the families of the martyrs who were recently martyred in the Riyadh area of ​​Hawija, stressing the opening of an investigation.

He said that the purges continue until the cells and terrorist pockets are completely eliminated.

Al-Abbadi stressed the importance of limiting the weapon to the state and that the enforcement of the law is essential, with the recommendation to respect the citizens and not to pressure them, and the aim is to arrest those wanted.

As an extensive discussion of Basra projects and provide services to its people and improve the reality.


2 thoughts on “Abadi: The world has great confidence in Iraq

    • When will Iraq float the currency and issue the new Iraqi note then world has a great confidence in Iraq otherwise all of this a waste of time like donor conference whatever


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