This will be the response of the Kurdish blocs in the event of passing the budget in its current form


Last Post: 21-02-2018 03:27 PM


Baghdad News –

Denied the MP from the Kurdistan Islamic Union Zana Said, on Wednesday, the resort of the Kurdish blocs to withdraw from the political process in the event of passing the budget in its current form, pointing out that the response will be changing the type of partnership and alliances with the blocks that will form the government after the elections.
Said said in a press statement, that ‘the Kurdish blocs are continuing their position rejecting the budget law and can not vote on the unfair and unfair provisions for the people of the province’.
“The passage of the law by majority will be borne by our partners, because we will end the current partnership with them and we will have a position on the issue of forming a government after the next elections.”
He criticized at the same time, ‘ignoring the Prime Minister Haider Abadi to the demands of the Kurds, while it shows flexibility on what is called by the liberated provinces and oil-producing provinces,’ explaining that ‘Kurdish blocs have shown a compromise can be reliant, but Abadi did not listen to it so far and condescending In his position on the share of the region ‘.
He pointed out that the Kurds will not withdraw from the political process in the event that the budget was passed in its current form, contrary to what some people in the media, but we will take a position of the blocs belonging to the National Alliance now and this affects the type of alliances after the elections,15700021,15700105,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700173,15700201&usg=ALkJrhg-LqXS2mckQYc79sDddFTNVfBN3Q


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