Negotiating round to resolve the differences between Baghdad and Erbil soon

 Baghdad / Mohammed Sabah

It seems that the crisis between the federal government and the Kurdistan region is moving more towards relaxation after a preliminary agreement between the parties provides for the resumption of work Sulaymaniyah and Erbil airports to international flights soon, but the implementation of this agreement is dependent on a visit by a Kurdish delegation to Baghdad to complete discussions on some points of contention.

Prime Minister Haider Abadi met with the head of the regional government, Nechirvan Barzani, on the sidelines of the security conference held in Munich, Germany, a meeting that described Balodi and good to settle differences between Baghdad and Erbil. This meeting is the third of its kind between Abadi and Barzani after the referendum crisis, The Kurdistan region on 25 September last and caused the imposition of sanctions on Baghdad territory.

“The two sides agreed during the meeting that brought Abadi to the Kurdish delegation in the city of Munich to resolve many points of contention “He said.

The sources, who declined to be identified, said that “the final touches to this agreement will be completed soon in the capital Baghdad,” stressing that “the meetings (the three) broke the situation of stalemate and rupture between the parties and contributed to reach an agreement on the points of contention.”

The sources said that “the two parties agreed to solve the problem of the distribution of salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region, which will be through the federal government,” explaining that “the Kurdish delegation demanded Abadi to accelerate the work of technical committees to resolve the problem of salaries.”

The federal government and the provincial government agreed last mid-month to form ten joint committees whose task would be to search the oil files, border crossings, airports and salaries of employees in order to reach consensual solutions to end the differences between the parties.

The sources informed that “the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, offered the Kurdish delegation the possibility of sending a force of the federal police to participate in the management of the airports of Sulaymaniyah and Erbil,” noting that “the government of Erbil will respond to the proposal Abadi next week.”

The sources described the meeting, which brought Abadi to the Kurdish delegation in Germany as “successful”, explaining that “the resolution of these points, which have been discussed in detail need a crucial negotiating round between the two teams will be in Baghdad soon.”

Baghdad imposed measures described by the Kurds as “punitive”, in response to the departure of the province towards the referendum in September, despite the rejection of the government of Abadi and regional and international opposition.

And escalated controversy and complexity in the crisis between the center and the region after the redeployment of federal forces in the disputed areas and the imposition of a ban on international flights on airports in the region and demand the extradition of border crossings to the federal authority.

The sources reveal that “significant and important decisions will be taken by both sides this week, to resolve outstanding problems and differences.”

The (range) has revealed on the seventh of this month about the expected visit of the Kurdistan Regional Government President Najirvan Barzani to Baghdad to complete negotiations with the federal government to resolve all the problems and differences.

The sources pointed out that “there is almost agreement on the establishment of a mechanism for the export of Kirkuk oil through the federal government,” asserting that “the perpetrators of Ibrahim Khalil and Fishkhabour were not at the table of the talks between the parties in their last meeting.”

A couple of days ago, media outlets reported that a source close to the prime minister had talked about Baghdad and Erbil reaching an agreement on reopening Sulaymaniyah and Erbil airports to international flights in the next few days.

In turn, MP Ali al-Alaq, close to the Prime Minister that “there is agreement on the continuation of dialogues between the two parties to come out with a unified vision to help overcome the current crisis,” stressing that “these meetings give impressions of progress in negotiations and dialogues.”

The answer to the query (range) on the existence of rapprochement between Arbil and Baghdad by saying “I do not have information,” and that “the technical committees are still working non-stop and come to Baghdad and return back to the Kurdistan region.”

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