Merry of Iraqi dinar


Zaid Al – Halli

Zaid Al – Halli

I did not find anyone addressing the phenomenon of the decline in the dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar recently, or referred to the important role and the president of the Central Bank of Iraq in achieving this event. Which reflected positively on the Iraqi market through the return of life of the Iraqi dinar, and his recovery significantly, which helped to expand the positive situation in society, despite the difficult circumstances left by the effects of the battle of liberation against Daqash, and the search for reconstruction and the requirements of the campaign DONC taking place in the provinces .. The Central Bank of Iraq has done a mechanism during the recent period, which led to a decline in the exchange rate clearly and to low levels even in the black market, and this decline has a positive impact on inflation and enhance the value of the Iraqi dinar significantly, where the ratio is equivalent to 4% For the benefit of the Iraqi dinar, and with this effort by the Central Bank, we find that the societal sensing, an exercise open to all and study does not require special training or complex exercises, but you need simple skills can be acquired by a little self-national effort, and sense Strategic questions In a practice and any poverty at this level inevitably reflected on its bid, provided that the goal is to provide the security umbrella and safety of his community, and the individual Iraqi welcomed with good steps of the Iraqi Central Bank, which made the Iraqi dinar, restore the splendor in the currency market .. Financial stability and the strength of the Iraqi dinar aim to reduce the systemic risks that have emerged with the recurrence of financial crises. The IMF defines systemic risks as the risk of discontinuing the provision of financial services resulting from the disruption of one or all sectors of the financial system (financial markets or banking sector) which leads to financial infection among the financial sectors as a whole. The Central Bank has confirmed in its steps the ability of the financial system to Acting as a financial intermediary and source of the necessary financial liquidity in a reasonable balance, to drive economic growth smoothly The Central Bank has shown that the knowledge of daily and non-daily suffering of citizens and the pursuit of their difficulties is more characteristic of those who deal with responsibility, The fountain of every success and every happiness sap true, and every corner downright upgrade on the individual, social and humanitarian level .. congratulations to Danarena, and reproach to colleagues who write in the financial and economic affairs ..

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