Iraqi oil: We are approaching an agreement with Erbil

“Good progress” in talks between …


21/02/2018 – 15:42

Economy / Kurdistan

Iraqi military wheels near oil wells in Kirkuk

A spokesman for the Iraqi Oil Ministry on Wednesday, close to reach an agreement between Baghdad and Erbil on the oil file, noting that the talks between the two sides have made good progress.

Asim Jihad said in a special statement to (Basneoz) that “there is good progress in the talks between Baghdad and Erbil, especially after the recent meetings between Prime Ministers of the Kurdistan Region, Najirvan Barzani and Iraqi Haider Abadi.”

“The (Federal) Oil Minister held a number of meetings with Kurdish officials regarding the existing problems and there is an attempt to solve them and reach an agreement,” the spokesman of the Federal Oil Ministry said.

Regarding the contract between the Ministry of Oil and BP, the ministry spokesman did not hide their intention to export Kirkuk oil. “Whether the (export) operation through Turkey or Iran will not differentiate for us,” he said.

The sale of Kirkuk crude since the restoration of militias popular and other Iraqi forces control of the fields of the Kurds in October last in light of the continuing tension between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government after the referendum on the independence of the territory from Iraq on September 25 last.

Kurds seized control of Kirkuk in 2014, preventing the organization from urging control of oil fields in the region after the decline of the Iraqi army to the progress of the organization.

Regarding the absence of coordination between the Ministry of Oil and the Kirkuk Provincial Council and the lawsuit filed by the Council with the Federal Court, the spokesman of the Federal Oil Ministry told “Basneoz” that “we will have coordination with the provincial council when there is coordination and consensus within the Council itself, The final decision on the way to export oil and the contracting party and the state to which it is issued, “he said.

The Iraqi oil minister said last month that Baghdad and Tehran are planning to promote the export of Kirkuk oil through Iranian territory in the long term by building a pipeline to transport oil from the city to Iran without the need to transport by truck.

The minister revealed that the planned pipeline could replace the current export line from Kirkuk through Turkey to the port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean Sea.

Analysts are unable to justify these plans by extending a pipeline to transport oil through Iran while the distance to Iraq’s southern ports in Basra province is shorter than the pipeline route across Iranian territory.

Iraqi oil officials announced in December plans to transport crude from Kirkuk by truck to Iran’s Kermanshah refinery.

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