Expectations to pass the budget next Tuesday


22/2/2018 12:00 am

Abolished salary cuts .. And lifted the restriction on the upgrading of staff
Baghdad / Omar Abdul Latif

The political understandings in the past few days led to reaching consensus that would resolve the vote on the current year’s budget law 2018, as confirmed by the parliamentary finance committee, which suggested the possibility of voting on the draft budget in Tuesday’s session next week, pointing out that a number of amendments to the Including canceling the deduction of a percentage of salaries of 3.8 percent and lifting the restriction on promotions, allowances, deletions and development.

The moves aimed at passing the budget came a few days after Speaker of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri stressed the need to speed up the passage of the budget, during which the Finance Committee was given one week to resolve the vote. He pointed out that there is an intention to hold a meeting with the prime minister with the participation of the Finance Committee to approve the law.
A member of the Finance Committee, Magda Abdul Latif Tamimi, said in an interview for “morning”: “Several amendments were made to the budget, included paragraphs to ensure the greater interest of citizens and employees in general, including the abolition of the paragraph deduction of a percentage of salaries,” 3.8 ” Before the members of the Committee, as well as find an alternative to the decline that will be due to this cancellation, in addition to lifting the restriction on promotions and allowances and delete and development after it came from the government as a natural right to the work of the employee.
It said al – Tamimi said , ” the budget included an increase 144 billion dinars for people with disabilities who are victims of terrorism or fought for terrorism” Daesh “and supervisors to take care of them, as well as the allocation of $ 200 million to set up small income-generating projects for youth employment rather than stay unemployed.
Predicted Tamimi, that “Parliament votes on the draft budget in the meeting next Tuesday.”


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