A proposal to build a new “humpback lighthouse” instead of the destroyer


22/2/2018 12:00 am

For its great symbolism among the sons of Nineveh

Baghdad / Al-Sabah

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities revealed the existence of a proposal to build a “new humpback” in the province of Nineveh, while warned the Department of the effects of Nineveh to speed up the construction of this archaeological edifice, which is different from other figures.
Deputy Minister for Antiquities Affairs Qais Hussein Rashid, in a statement singled out by the “morning”, “the bombing of the lighthouse of the Grand Mosque of al-Nuri al-Hadba, the only remaining part of the original building by gangs and the terrorist, the tragic losses of the archaeological symbols in the country, He pointed out that “the responsible authorities have considered what can be done to reconstruct this archaeological edifice and made several proposals, including maintaining what exists from the publishing base of the lighthouse and perpetuating the damage that has been done by the evil and terrorism scandals, as well as building an alternative lighthouse for those that blew up quickly for its symbolism in the region , As well as another proposal to build new humpback villages B of the old while retaining the remnants of the explosion. ”
“There is a committee formed between the Antiquities Authority in Nineveh and the Sunni Waqf, which is tasked with sorting out the rubble, stones and decorations to take advantage of them when the reconstruction process begins,” Rashid said. “Some calls for the construction of the humpback lighthouse, , to be restored in accordance with international standards to bring it back as it was , “stressing that government institutions are able to cooperate with international organizations, experts and friendly countries to re – humpback as it was according to the criteria and schemes.”
for his part, the effects of Nineveh director Musab Mohammed Jassim, said that ” the problem of Walt Qqat and AC Milan winning the lighthouse humpback extends for more than 20 years. ”
Jassem said in an interview with Al-Sabah that “this historic lighthouse was stable before it was detonated by a criminal organization after being examined with sophisticated equipment. Therefore, a meeting was held in a timely manner that ended with an agreement with a specialized international company to sell such similar effects based on the same Building materials and have problems with lighthouse in the surrounding ground and foundations, “hinting that” so far has not been the maintenance of foundations and al-Qaeda. ”
“The symbol of this lighthouse for the people of Nineveh and the beauty of Milan has suggested some building a similar edifice, and this is part of a museum show no more, but the original construction can not be left. The foundations and parts of the base should be preserved as long as the heavy part has been removed From the lighthouse, which is 52 meters long, to bring back a ring of the cylinder part itself. ”
“We do not like the process of hastening the construction of the lighthouse in order to bring it back to life, because it is suffering from erosion with its original light materials,” Jassim said. “If the building is modern, it must be taken into account that the lighthouse is not all the monuments, In addition to the fixed, mobile and surface ground water that sifted the soil, “hinting that” many of the maintenance work set up by the Italian company did not stop Milan lighthouse but increased its weight and pull it To earth after adding The armament and the concrete belt that surrounded the lighthouse. ”



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