Deputy reveals for “tomorrow’s Press” the date of voting on the budget and emphasizes: staff deductions stopped

Iraq News Now

10:25 – 19 February


A member of the Finance Committee, MP Mahasen Hamdoun, on Monday, that next Tuesday is the date of voting on the budget in 2018.

Hamdoun said, “Al-Ghad Press” “The Finance Committee continues its meetings to discuss the budget and will not clear things, Vote on them. ”

She explained that “the vote on the budget will be next Tuesday,” asserting that “deductions of salaries of employees stopped in the budget.”

“The financial committee is meeting today to complete the discussions and will not show the picture only in the voting session on the budget,” adding that “the proportion of the region will not change and members of the Kurdistan Alliance did not attend to discuss the budget so far, so the situation remains the same.

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