Washington plans to hand over to Iraq a new batch of F-16s

Journal February 18, 2018

Baghdad – Journal News

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq will receive 13 F-16s in the course of next year, bringing the total number of Iraqi-made aircraft to 34, according to Deputy Commander of the International Coalition Forces, Major General Andrew Croft.

Croft said in a statement that the Iraqi air force is now more capable of eliminating terrorist organizations by using these aircraft.

He stressed that the International Alliance will work to strengthen the capabilities of the Iraqi Air Force, and training to be able to train pilots to use the F-16.

The US military commander said there were Iraqi pilots receiving lessons at the Balad air base in Salahaddin province, as well as training in aeronautical engineering.

He noted that the coalition is still using sophisticated reconnaissance aircraft in Iraq, to ensure the necessary support for Iraqi forces.

Croft said the international coalition would continue to support Iraqi forces to ensure that no new organization or new militant groups emerge.


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