the parliamentary committees prepares its final report to end the compulsory savings system with salaries of the employees of Kurdistan

Twilight News

one hour ago

“Is scheduled to hold six committees in the Parliament of Kurdistan on Sunday, a meeting on the elimination of the phenomenon of regular salaries and pension illegal and write the final joint report in this regard.

These committees talk about the return of 100 billion dinars wasted from public funds in the Kurdistan region per month, it is hoped that through the issuance of the law to distribute the salaries of employees in full without saving.

The six committees participating in the meeting are the Finance, Peshmerga, Interior, Legal, Integrity and Home Affairs Committees and are working on writing their final report on the reform package of salaries and salaries of illegal retirees through tomorrow’s meeting.

The committees are composed of 18 people demanding the elimination of anything illegal even if within their parties, while a member of one of the committees that the government could achieve this decision.

After the end of the preparation of the joint report of the committees, which works on it four years ago, on Sunday, the report will be directed to the presidency of the parliament in order to determine the day to vote and then and the elimination of illegal salaries can eliminate the problem of the system of saving and forced salaries of employees.

The most important issue is the return of about 100 billion dinars per month for the public finance of the Kurdistan region, which was wasted during the past period, and the provincial government expressed its willingness to receive the law from parliament and implement its commitments to legal reform.

The KRG now needs to save up to 480 billion dinars a month for the distribution of salaries and in order to abolish the savings system it has to get imports worth 637 billion dinars.


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