Abadi: Iraq will surprise the world economic transition in years

17/2/2018 12:00 am

Launch of the meetings of contracting with investment companies early March

Baghdad / Al-Sabah
Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said that the world today has great confidence in Iraq and its future, and that the allocations of the reconstruction conference will include all cities from the south to the north, revealing at the same time the launch of meetings with investment companies early March, pointing out that the world will be surprised Of the economic shift that will be witnessed by Iraq during the next four years, comes at a time when the Council of Ministers to grant allocations to the employees of the Border Crossing Authority, while also voted to modify the allocation of degrees of employment to the Ministry of Health from the medical specialties of graduates of medical and health professions.

Abadi said in his weekly press conference on Thursday evening: “The number of attendance at the Conference on the reconstruction of Iraq was greater than expected three times and this is evidence of the confidence of the international community in Iraq and the Iraqi government and support for us after the great victory achieved and the strength of Iraq and its new status,” noting that “Allocations of the reconstruction conference will include all governorates from the south to the north, and also include job creation
He added that “the government is keen on the arrival of funds to the right projects and the reconstruction of cities and help citizens and raise the deficit from them,” following that “billions of dollars spent in the past without an improvement in infrastructure and services,” Prime Minister, “the launch of contracting sessions With investment companies early next month, “stressing that” our mission is to provide a safe working environment and environment conducive to investors. “

Economic shift
Abadi expressed his thanks to Kuwait, which “donated all the expenses of the donor conference,” noting that “Iraq is moving in the right direction. Three years ago no one expected to arrive in a united Iraq today.” He added that “the amount of grants amounted to 30 billion dollars, , And our expectations were much less, “adding that” any loans will not accept only within the limits of the Iraqi budget, “and explained that” Kuwait is not our only station, our plan for the reconstruction of Iraq ambitious, “and said:” After three or four years will see Iraq shift Economic surprise
the world”.
“Corruption is no less dangerous than terrorism and we will fight them together. Combating corruption is the cornerstone, but not in the traditional way. We have stronger measures in fighting it and we will put corrupt people in prison,” he said. “There are those who want to stop the budget for political reasons. And arguments are flimsy, and see no justification to disrupt the budget. “

Session of the Council of Ministers
In a statement to the Prime Minister’s Information Office, the Council of Ministers presented a full presentation on the Iraq reconstruction conference held in Kuwait on Thursday, complementing the success achieved. The Council of Ministers has held meetings with ambassadors, “He pointed to” follow-up negotiations with international and national companies to start contracting with them on the investment opportunities announced during the month of March this year and provide facilities, and approved by the Council of Ministers. “
The Cabinet discussed the issue of water scarcity to which many countries, including Iraq, are subjected and the measures taken by the government to address them. He also stressed “the vote on extending the maintenance of the Mosul Dam, reconstruction of the Baiji refinery, .

Functional degrees of health
The Cabinet also decided to grant allowances to the employees of the Border Crossing Authority, while also voting to amend the instructions for additional hours for the staff of the Electoral Commission, in addition to assigning degrees to the Ministry of Health for the purpose of appointing graduates of medical specialties graduates of medical and health professions exclusively covered by the law of career For the academic year 2016-2017 “.
In turn, the Ministry of Health announced that the Council of Ministers decided to authorize it to contract with graduates of medical and health professions covered by the law No. 6 of 2000 to work in its institutions.
The Ministry of Health decided to authorize the Ministry of Health to contract with graduates of the medical and health professions who are covered by the Graduation Law No. 6 of 2000 to work in its institutions of 15000 with equal salaries and allowances, the ministry said in a statement received by al-Sabah. To their peers appointed to the permanent owners until the adoption of the budget law for 2018 and the allocation of grades necessary for appointment to permanent owners, “adding that” the Council of Ministers also decided to the Ministry of Finance to secure the amounts required to implement the above. “


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