Norway’s DNO receives $ 54.73 million from Kurdistan



Economy News Baghdad

Norwegian firm DNO received $ 54.73 million from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on Thursday.
The company said in a statement read by the “economy News”, that in exchange for deliveries of crude oil for the month of October for the export market with the license of the field “Tawke”.
The company will, according to the statement, share that amount with its partner, Jinil Energy Limited.
In addition, the company received US $ 4.7 million from the Government of the Territory, representing 3% of the revenues of the “Tawke” license, during the month, in accordance with the Settlement Agreement signed in August.
In mid-January, DNO received $ 53.71 million from the territorial government from previous shipments in October.
The Kurdistan government signed agreements at the end of last August with the companies “DNO” and “Jinl” to settle their dues.

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