The reasons for leaving parliament open to next Saturday


BAGHDAD / SNG – MP for the National Alliance Salim Shawqi, on Thursday, the reason for keeping the House of Representatives open to next Saturday.

Shawqi said that ‘the House of Representatives left its open to next Saturday for dialogue and debate on the budget’, stressing that ‘there is keenness of most blocs to pass the budget because the disruption is a loss for all provinces’.

He added, a member of the parliamentary legal committee that ‘there is a rejection within the parliament for the percentage of 17% demanded by the Kurdish blocs in the budget of 2018, and the continued boycott of meetings by the Kurds, will not benefit anything.’

A parliamentary source said on Thursday that the House of Representatives ended the first reading of the proposed law, while resuming its meeting on Saturday from next week.



Advisor to the Prime Minister: Failure to approve the budget puts Iraq in a bind to the international community



Advisor to the Prime Minister: Failure to approve the budget puts Iraq in a bind to the international community

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Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
Between the economic adviser to the Prime Minister the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, on Thursday, that the failure to approve the budget puts the national economy in the face of an ordeal, especially before a legislative session is about to end, he said.

Saleh said in an interview with “Al-Ghad Press” that “blocking the adoption of the budget by the political blocs and partisan alliances are not considered as an economic motive, as much as political consensus and objections of an electoral nature, but that” the blocks must appreciate the economic situation of the country, especially that we came out of a war against Terrorism, which has inflicted great losses on the country. “
He added that “the disruption of the budget is a stumbling block in the face of economic progress, calling for the resolution of all political differences and approval for the status of Iraq in the international community, and give positive indication of our ability to overcome the financial obstacles and start reconstruction stages, pointing out that the adoption of the budget is in the interest of the people.
Saleh pointed out that “the draft budget of 2018 carries a deficit estimated at $ 13 trillion, and improve global oil prices per barrel of crude oil above the budget pricing, Iraq out of the financial crisis and contribute to resolve part of the deficit due to differences in the difference in prices.”
He stressed that “the law of public finance of the state was allowed to add a supplementary budget in the middle of the year if there is a listing of work for investment projects important and disabled because of the budget,” pointing out that “non-approval gives a dangerous signal to Iraq before the international community and especially we are in the stage to attract foreign companies to invest In the country”.

The parliamentary delegation announces the convening of a meeting of the three presidencies and resolving the budget disputes


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The parliamentary legal committee revealed on Thursday the intention to hold a meeting of the three presidencies in order to resolve differences on the budget, indicating that it is not possible to vote on the budget after the second reading before the passage of four days.

“The Presidency of Parliament and the Legal Committee are working with the Finance Committee to contain all the differences in accordance with the frameworks of the law on the budget to pass,” said member of the Committee Salim Shawqi.

He added that “there are movements to hold a meeting of the three presidencies on the budget and resolve outstanding differences on them and pass them as soon as possible.”

He explained that “according to the rules of procedure can not pass the budget after the second reading only after four days with the lowest estimates,” explaining that “attention is directed towards the meetings of the three presidencies to reduce the size of differences.”

The House of Representatives has completed, last Tuesday, the second reading of the draft budget of the country, while differences are still going on some of its paragraphs.


Kurdistan meets the conditions of Baghdad and expects to lift the air embargo at the end of the month

Release date: 2018/2/15 21:05 • 113 times read
The spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, Sven Dziyi, on Thursday, that the region met the conditions of the federal government regarding the management of airports, and is expected to lift the air embargo soon.
“There has been no agreement by the federal government to lift the air embargo on the Kurdistan region, reopen Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports, and there are negotiations with Baghdad, but there is no conference to open the two airports,” Dziay said in a statement.
He added that “the federal government had a number of points within the negotiations, first and foremost the administration of airports Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, control and control of the Civil Aviation Authority,” declaring that “the territorial government had no objection to it.”
He explained that “the Civil Aviation Authority is the only one that controls the airports all over Iraq and there is no objection by the Government of the Territory to take over the administration of airports Erbil and Sulaymaniyah; but despite this position there was no development on the subject with the Center.”
“The last time the air embargo on the airports of the region was extended by the federal government was at the end of last year, until the end of February,” revealing “the hopes of the region that there is no further extension of the air blockade, and lifting the ban by the end of this month.” is over

The United Arab Emirates decides to cancel Iraq’s debt of $ 7 billion

The United Arab Emirates has decided to extinguish the Iraqi government’s $ 7 billion debt.
In his address to the Kuwait International Conference on Iraq Reconstruction, Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, said that the support includes 250 million US dollars through the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development for infrastructure projects and 100 million US dollars to support UAE companies. In electricity sector projects in Iraq, and US $ 100 million to support and stimulate UAE exports to Iraq.
It also includes US $ 50 million to support the UAE Red Crescent in its humanitarian efforts and charitable projects in the areas most affected by intimidating terrorism.
During the conference, which was opened by Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, he praised the initiative of the State of Kuwait and the great international response to support Iraq and help it defy reconstruction.
He stressed the historic support of the UAE to Iraq, including the decision to cancel 7 billion US dollars of previous debt in 2008 and a clear political and diplomatic commitment during the past decade.
He pointed to the UAE’s prominent role in the alliance against Da’ash, which included financial commitments of 700 million US dollars, in addition to 60 million US dollars to support the humanitarian situation in the Mosul area.
He pointed out in his presentation to the efforts of the UAE private sector in the reconstruction of Iraq, led by the “project to develop the Al-Rashid camp,” which is estimated at 5 billion dollars and provides jobs and required infrastructure in the modern capital. Development of the Umm Qasr Port, estimated at US $ 500 million and other private sector projects.
In its speech, the UAE stressed the importance of the stability and prosperity of Iraq and its main Arab dimension and the necessity of working together and taking advantage of the opportunity to achieve these goals, which is beneficial and positive for the region.

Norway’s DNO receives $ 54.73 million from Kurdistan



Economy News Baghdad

Norwegian firm DNO received $ 54.73 million from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on Thursday.
The company said in a statement read by the “economy News”, that in exchange for deliveries of crude oil for the month of October for the export market with the license of the field “Tawke”.
The company will, according to the statement, share that amount with its partner, Jinil Energy Limited.
In addition, the company received US $ 4.7 million from the Government of the Territory, representing 3% of the revenues of the “Tawke” license, during the month, in accordance with the Settlement Agreement signed in August.
In mid-January, DNO received $ 53.71 million from the territorial government from previous shipments in October.
The Kurdistan government signed agreements at the end of last August with the companies “DNO” and “Jinl” to settle their dues.

Iran ‘s riyal economy collapses against dollar, Tehran takes urgent measures

The Iranian riyal is falling against the dollar and Tehran is taking urgent measures
 Twilight News    
 21 minutes ago

The Central Bank of Iran has taken measures to stop the deterioration of the riyal against foreign currencies such as the dollar, including raising interest rates on deposit accounts.
The measures taken by the Central Bank of Iran allow local banks to open deposit accounts for a year at interest rates of up to 20 percent, instead of 15 percent, in the past two weeks.

The central bank is seeking to encourage Iranians to keep their money in the banking system instead of buying dollars or other foreign currencies, AFP quoted Iranian media as saying.

It is noteworthy that the Iranian riyal had lost in the past six months about 25 percent of its value against the US dollar.

In addition to measures by the central bank, the Iranian authorities closed bank accounts for more than 775 people, whom they considered responsible for stirring unrest in the exchange markets, noting that they traded the equivalent of 200 trillion riyals or just over 4 billion dollars, while arrested about 90 currency dealers.

After the arrests and measures announced by the Central Bank, the riyal witnessed a slight improvement Thursday against the dollar to reach 47400 riyals per dollar against 50,000 riyals on Wednesday.

The dollar was equivalent to 9,200 Iranian riyals in 2010, but the tightening of US and European sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program from the end of 2011 led to the decline of the Iranian currency, reaching 47,800 on Wednesday.

The exchange rate of the Iranian riyal in December 2016 fell significantly, losing about 19 percent, that is, the current decline of the riyal against the dollar is a new record high.


Al-Abbadi’s policy announces the granting of allocations to a group of employees and hopes for success in Kuwait

Al-Abbadi announced the granting of allowances for a group of employees and aspires to success in Kuwait
 Twilight News    
 one hour ago

Shafaq News / Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi, for the provision of allowances for employees of border crossings.
Abadi told a news conference after the cabinet meeting that the council voted to grant allowances to border crossing employees and discussed government measures regarding water scarcity.
He also stressed that Iraq has succeeded in attracting the attention of the international community through investment projects. In this regard will be launching meetings with investment companies early next month.
Abadi said that delaying the balance in the House of Representatives hindered many of the government projects
and also touched on the upcoming international conference on security in Munich, and stressed that Iraq will participate.
“There is a need for international efforts to eliminate terrorist ideology,” he said.

Abadi announced special procedures for salaries of employees of Kurdistan

Abadi announces special procedures for salaries of employees of Kurdistan
 32 minutes ago

Shafaq News / Prime Minister Haider Abadi announced the names of the special procedures for the payment of salaries of employees of the Kurdistan Region.
“We intend to launch special procedures to deal with the dues of employees of the Kurdistan Region,” Abadi told a news conference after the cabinet meeting.
Abbadi gave no further details on the measures.
Several previous meetings were held between technical delegations that brought together Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region to scrutinize staff lists in order to send their salaries. However, actual measures have not yet been translated into reality.
According to the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Najirvan Barzani, Baghdad did not send the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan Region so far.
The relationship between Baghdad and Erbil worsened after the Kurdish referendum on independence in September, while Baghdad resorted to punitive measures against the Kurdistan region in response to the referendum.


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