Kuwait Conference: The Iraqi Government and the Challenge of Low Reliability


The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced on February 9, 2018, the completion of the procedures for the convening of the reconstruction conference which will be hosted by the State of Kuwait during the period 12-14 February 2018, confirming the participation of many countries, international companies, international organizations and international financial institutions. For its part, announced the Iraqi National Investment Commission that it will show 157 projects described by the strategy for investment during the conference.

The Iraqi government has already announced the need for $ 100 billion for the reconstruction of the provinces and cities liberated from the control of the terrorist organizations, and is now striving to collect the bulk of this amount in the reconstruction conference in Kuwait with the decline in financial revenues due to low oil prices.

The need for post-conflict reconstruction is not new to Iraq. It can be said that Iraq saw that need three times after 2003 – the need for reconstruction after the US invasion in 2003, reconstruction after the elimination of al-Qaeda and the latest in Iraq at the current stage. As is the case, the state institutions did not succeed in achieving the first and second phases of the reconstruction and stability, which reached the country for this case for several reasons, including corruption, lack of public policy planning, and lack of awareness of the nature of the stage. Which has created a negative image of the performance of state institutions that failed in all sectors except the oil sector and the institutions are considered that they can not succeed in recruiting international support in the reconstruction and stability.

This is to highlight this important and crucial issue of international support for reconstruction. We certainly do not have the Marshall Plan of Iraq, no substantial financial support, and it is very much promoted in Iraq. The system is still the same if we say that it worsened performance more, and still the top spoilers are protected by the organs of the state and have a significant role in decision-making and take, and still political corruption, financial and administrative at the highest levels.

We do not want to be pessimistic, but that’s the reality. We are still afraid, but we are afraid to discover our reality and run away without turning back. The decision makers must realize that the money they can get from countries is mostly taxpayers’ income, so policymakers in participating countries can not sacrifice their voters and their public to pay money to institutions they see as corrupt and inefficient.

In the last few days before the announcement of the military victory and even after announcing the organization of a supporter of the terrorist, the government and judicial institutions and control in front of a large opportunity to confront corruption and launched a campaign and a large and resolute, especially with the support of the general public and religious reference. Much of the financial resources needed for the reconstruction and stability of the liberated areas could have been provided. This file is important and the government has a responsibility to provide a clear picture of it and a precise and practical vision around it to enhance the investment environment. And therefore there is no guarantee that the funds provided will be treated transparently and will be spent in accordance with the accounts of a large transparency at the time does not have the final accounts for the last six years at the level of the federal budget.

Also, in the framework of providing the investment environment, there is another file of files that the government must submit to it, which is the administrative routine and the lack of integration of the legislative framework guaranteeing the rights of investors and the sponsor to provide facilities for foreign investments institutionally. This file is a major shortcoming in which the government and the House of Representatives share a great deal of misfortune. This is because the government did not achieve a few successes in the “one-stop” system, despite its approval.

The banking system and the financial system in the country has traditionally been one of the main infrastructures sought by the investor in ensuring the transfer of his money and profits in a fragile security environment controlled by arms outside the state system in some areas.

These points represent many challenges to the government and the House of Representatives and require them to pass them according to a clear economic vision that contributes to the creation of international credibility in the institutions of the state and meets the ambitions of the international community units in the transparency of spending and the clarity of its tracks in reconstruction and stability.

At this stage, Iraq is the strongest party in defeating terrorism and has achieved remarkable successes in this file. I imagine that the international community has a great interest in not returning terrorism and extremism to it by strengthening the economic environment that guarantees the welfare of individuals and avoids engaging in extremist groups, whether religious or otherwise.

* Researcher at the center of the Euphrates Development and Strategic Studies / 2004-Ⓒ2018



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