Calls to find formulas of understanding to pass the budget


15/2/2018 12:00 am

 Following the announcement of a forthcoming meeting of the three presidencies,
Baghdad / Muhannad Abdul Wahab
following the announcement of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Salim Jubouri, a meeting expected for the three presidencies on a common understanding to vote on the budget law, deputies expressed the hope that the upcoming meeting to produce results contribute to To find solutions to end the dispute and satisfy all parties to contribute to pass the budget law and approval by the House of Representatives.
He said the decision of the parliamentary finance committee MP for the Kurdistan Alliance, Ahmed Haj Rashid: It is hoped that the meeting of the three presidencies after the return of Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi of the Kuwait Conference in order to reach the final version of the political understandings on the draft budget law.
He said in his speech to «morning» that this meeting is expected to discuss the presidencies of the most important points of disagreement proposed by the political blocs that objected to the budget, hoping that the meeting to reach common points to satisfy all parties on the provisions of the budget law. Rashid reiterated that the demands of the Kurds still exist and focused on legal and technical treatments and the most important treatments are the allocations of salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region.

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