Parliament announces the resolution of 80% of the differences on the budget and confirms the passage of its second reading tomorrow

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The parliamentary legal committee, on Saturday, to resolve 80% of the differences on the law of the budget of 2018, while confirmed that the second reading will continue in the meeting tomorrow.

A member of the Committee Kamel al-Zaidi / Information / / “The differences expanded in recent times on the budget, but the prime minister’s meeting with the opponents dissolved many of them.”

He added that “more than 80% of them settled in terms of demands of the Union of Power and the deputies of oil-producing provinces,” noting that “the budget will continue reading the second day tomorrow by an absolute majority.”

The Kurdistan Alliance threatened, on Saturday, to resort to boycott the session of parliament tomorrow if the insistence of the National Alliance to include the budget on the agenda and pass the second reading.


Abadi pledges to release the salaries of two ministries of Kurdistan on one condition

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A senior Kurdish member of the Iraqi parliament said on Saturday that early this week, the audit committees would pay the salaries of the ministries of education and health of Kurdistan to report to Baghdad. They said that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi told him that when the initial reports arrived, he would send salaries to the two ministries.

A member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives for the Change Bloc Amin Baker said in a statement that the audit committees on salaries will report to Baghdad this weekend.

“As soon as you provide us with the first report of the committee, we will have a mechanism to pay the salaries of the employees of these ministries,” Bakr said.

Bakr said that in order to follow up the audit committees that are currently scrutinizing Kurdistan, he and his colleague Mahmoud Reza held a meeting with them in order to get a closer look at their work. He pointed out that the important thing is that they knew that these committees will submit their initial reports to Baghdad, Optimistic not to be manipulated further.

Baker pointed out that the follow-up showed that the problem will be in the contract employees in these ministries because their names in the first list did not go to Baghdad and it is incumbent on the ministries to send their names as soon as possible.

He explained that another problem is that a large proportion of employees who enjoy the leave without a salary did not go to Baghdad, stressing that their problem is also solved and the committees were informed of the need to refer to these problems.

In a related development, the Director of Planning in the Ministry of Education, the government of the province, Yusuf Osman said in a press statement that the audit committees in the lists of staff of the ministries of health and education in the region is doing its work well and during the past few days have inspected a number of units units in the two ministries have not encountered any problem and the ministries responded For whatever they wanted.

He added that the committees do not talk about anything about sending salaries and all you say is that it is doing its duty and it is serious in speeding up the completion of the audit so as to send the salaries as soon as possible.


after Baghdad .. German Defense Minister visits the Kurdistan Region

After Baghdad .. German Defense Minister visits the Kurdistan Region
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The German Defense Minister is scheduled to visit the city of Arbil, capital of the Kurdistan Region after visiting Baghdad and meet with the three presidencies there.

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Lien will visit Erbil on Saturday evening after her visit to Baghdad.

The three Iraqi presidencies, represented by President Fuad Masum, Speaker of Parliament Salim Al-Jubouri, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and each separately met with German Defense Minister Ursula von der Lin, who is visiting the federal capital Baghdad.

“Germany values ​​Germany’s performance and its victory in the war against terrorism, renewing its country’s full support for Iraq against terrorism and its firm insistence on its unity, sovereignty and the development of its democratic system,” von Lin said in statements issued by the presidencies.

“Germany supports Germany’s efforts to resolve all internal disputes on the basis of the law and stressed Germany’s readiness to expand military cooperation with Iraq and welcomed the invitation of German companies to participate in the reconstruction of Iraq.”

delegation of the Kurdistan Region of Kuwait announce its program of work ahead of his departure

The delegation of the Kurdistan Region of Kuwait announce its work program prior to his departure
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The delegation of the Kurdistan Region, which will participate in the conference for the reconstruction of liberated areas in Iraq, said on Saturday that he will invite countries and companies that will participate in the conference to invest in the provinces of the region.

The minister of reconstruction and housing in the Kurdistan Regional Government Derbaz Kuzert told reporters before leaving the delegation to Kuwait, that the delegation will participate in the conference, stressing that the Peshmerga forces had a role in ending the organization and supported by the support of citizens and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

He added that the region has a financial crisis to cut the federal government budget on us, but that we have received displaced people from all regions of Iraq and thank the people and government of Kurdistan for hospitality.

Kusert said that 70 countries, and more than 750 companies will participate in the conference, and as everyone knows that the Kurdistan Region is rich in resources and enjoy security and stability, and this is a huge investment, saying that he will call those countries and companies to invest in Iraq.


Nassif: Kuwait conference transformed from a conference of donor countries of Iraq to an investment conference

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The Kuwaiti deputy speaker of the coalition of state law high Nassif, Saturday, that the Kuwait conference turned from a conference of donor countries to Iraq to a conference to invest in it, indicating that the Iraqi people will not forget what it described as the “retaliatory role” played by Kuwait in harming their country during the last period.

“The Kuwait conference was emptied of its contents and content, when it turned from a conference of donor countries to Iraq to an investment conference,” Nassif said in a statement received by Mawazine News. “It is ironic that Kuwait, which has drained Iraq’s resources and resources, Starving the Iraqi people through the receipt of unfair and arbitrary compensation seeks to invest today. ”

“Kuwait has acquired Iraqi land and controlled Iraqi waterways and corridors and built and expanded the ports to fight us economically. As long as the calls of Kuwaiti officials were repeated that there should be no stone left in Iraq and today you want to invest and reap huge profits by returning the stone to stone,” Nassif said. , Demanding “the Kuwaiti government to restore the right to the Iraqi people and taken by the decisions of unfair and arbitrary before the idea of investment in Iraq.”

Nassif added that “the people will not forget the retaliation role played by Kuwait in its harm for decades and make it pay for the policies of the former regime, will not forget its desire to keep Iraq weak and divided and suffer economic crises, and will not forget the Iraqi people the right of generations, Some of the Iraqi committee who have lost and sold his conscience. ”

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced on Friday the end of all preparations for the Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq, which will start on Monday for three days for the period 12-13-14 February 2018.

KRG Delegation to Attend International Conference in Kuwait


KRG Delegation to Attend International Conference in Kuwait

ERBIL — A Kurdish MP of the Iraqi Parliament revealed that a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) will take part in an international conference in Kuwait.

“Despite the prolonged obstacles made by Iraq, a delegation from the region will visit Kuwait to attend the international conference on reconstruction of Iraq in the post-Islamic State (IS) era and that shows that the region is recognized by the world,” Arafat Karam, a Kurdish MP told BasNews.

Karam further stated that the Kurdish factions had previously called on Kuwaiti ambassador in Iraq to give Kurdistan Region a chance to attend the conference since they are not sure if Iraq would be transparent about the funds it will get in the conference.

An international conference on reconstruction of Iraq in the post-Islamic State (IS) era will be organized on February 13th by the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry jointly with the National Investment Commission of Iraq, the World Bank, and the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) in which several world investors will take part.

Iraqi legal expert: Abadi delay and manipulate time with Erbil


Stressing that will end with losing …

Iraqi legal expert: Abadi delay and manipulate time with Erbil

An Iraqi legal expert said on Saturday that Baghdad’s delay in reaching an agreement with Erbil on the outstanding issues between the two sides would harm Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, pointing out that the latter manipulates the time in dealing with Arbil.

Iraqi legal expert Tariq Harb told Basnews that “some of the problems between Erbil and Baghdad have changed from legal to political, with Baghdad breaking the constitution.”

As for delaying and delaying the implementation of the decision to lift the air embargo on international flights to and from the airports of the Kurdistan Region and the failure to spend Baghdad salaries and dues of employees of the Kurdistan Region financial, the Iraqi legal expert accused the Iraqi government negligence in the implementation of the decisions, “it was the best to implement it before now,” said Tarek Harb .

As the war, to shift the subject of salaries of employees of Kurdistan and other problems outstanding between Arbil and Baghdad to political and electoral issues, and is no longer legal.Stressing that the Iraqi prime minister is responsible for that “he (Abadi) playing time in the issue of its solution and in the end will end with his loss.”

Baghdad has cut the share of the Kurdistan region of the budget and salaries of staff in the region since 2014, and since taking over the post of prime minister in succession to Nuri al-Maliki, Haider Abadi continued to follow the example of his predecessor.

Tariq Harb: Sulaymaniyah can request its share of the budget without Erbil

A deputy for the Kurdistan National Union bloc in the Iraqi parliament criticized Tuesday strongly the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi for failing to fulfill his promises to pay the salaries of employees in the Kurdistan Region, describing him as “the most political figure engaged in deception and lying” throughout the political history in Iraq.

MP Bakhtiar Shaways, said in a press statement amidst a crowd of teachers and teachers protesting in Sulaymaniyah who had gathered before the Iraqi parliament in the city to protest against the failure of Abadi to send their salaries, directing his words to Abadi “I tell the Prime Minister Haider Abadi that there is no The political history of Iraq has passed through someone who is not sincere in carrying out his promises like you. “

Baghdad has imposed a number of punitive measures on the territory of Kurdistan in the wake of the referendum of self-determination, which enjoyed the support of an absolute majority of the Kurds, including the prohibition of international flights from airports in Kurdistan.