Parliamentary Finance: Sunday session will witness the presentation of the report of the Committee and the second reading of the budget



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The Finance Committee of the parliamentary, on Thursday, that the next Sunday will witness the presentation of the report of the Finance Committee on the budget and the completion of the second reading, indicating that the budget will pass during February, the majority of the National Alliance and the Union of forces.

“The Finance Committee has completed the preparation of its full report on the comments on the budget to be presented to Parliament,” said member of the Committee Hossam al-Aqabi.

He added that “the next Sunday will see the Commission’s presentation of its report and then the second reading and see the comments of members of parliament,” stressing “the possibility of achieving a quorum and hold the meeting to complete the second reading.”

He explained that “the House of Representatives will pass the budget during February, the majority of the National Alliance and the Union of forces without the need to attend the Kurds in the event of their insistence on not attending the meetings.”

Deputy reveals Abadi sent a draft “modified budget” to parliament


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The deputy of the Union of Forces Raad Dahlaki, on Thursday, the sending of Prime Minister Haider Abadi draft “modified budget” to the House of Representatives, noting that Abadi promised to resolve all the problems between the government and political blocs equally.

“The government sent today an amended draft of the budget law for the year 2017 to the House of Representatives,” noting that “the political blocs will evaluate the draft during the coming hours and looked at the most prominent amendments made by the government on the revised draft.”

Al-Dahlaki added that “the meeting of the Union of Forces with Prime Minister Haider Abadi was very positive as he promised Abadi to increase the allocations of liberated provinces and work to return the displaced to their areas and resolve all the problems with the political blocs objecting,” stressing that “we are waiting for the implementation of those promises to legal legislation.”

The head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc, MP Arieh Abdullah revealed in a statement to / information / / on Wednesday, the existence of government pressure to pass the budget in its current form. Ending / 25 d

Abadi’s complains to a US delegation of “small groups”

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Shafak News / Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi discussed with a delegation of the American Institute of Peace (USIP) headed by Nancy Lindborg, the situation in Iraq after the organization of a preacher.

Abadi stressed, according to a government statement, the importance of community reconciliation, which began work after each land is released, indicating that there are small elements trying to block this peace community and the government is working to address this matter.

He added that “our message to the blocs is that we fought together and urged together to work together for reconstruction, pointing out the importance of holding elections on time in order to preserve the sovereignty of the Constitution, which we worked on it was the date of elections.”

According to the statement of the Office of Abadi, the delegation said that “through studies and knowledge of the situation in Iraq shows that there is optimism by people and confidence in Mr. Prime Minister and security services and people are now looking for economic reform and a comprehensive political system of cross-sectarianism.”

participates in the conference on the reconstruction of Iraq in Kuwait

Kurdistan participates in the conference on the reconstruction of Iraq in Kuwait

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A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), including a number of ministers and governors, will attend a conference on Iraq reconstruction to be held in Kuwait soon.
According to a document seen by the twilight news, a delegation representing the Kurdistan Regional Government is participating in the conference on the reconstruction of Iraq, which is held on February 12-14 in Kuwait in the presence of more than 1000 (thousand) companies and investors.
According to the document, the minister of planning in the provincial government Ali al-Sindi, Minister of Construction Derbas Kosrat Rasool, Director-General of the Ministry of Planning Zakruz Fattah and the governorates of Sulaymaniyah, Arbil and Dahuk will participate in the conference.
The document did not mention the participation of any company or investor in the Kurdistan private sector in the conference.
It is expected that 143 Iraqis will participate in the conference as part of an official delegation, and that Iraq will be given $ 100 billion for reconstruction after the end of the war against the terrorist organization “Da’ash”.

The Kurdistan government asks Baghdad to stop dealing with the ministries of the region


Kurdistan government asks Baghdad to stop dealing with the ministries of the region
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The official spokesman for the biometric system in the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Thursday, on the request of the audit committee of the federal government and the lists of salaries of the staff of the region not to deal with the ministries of the region, stressing that they provided the Federal Commission with the latest statistic Baumtri salaries in the region.
In addition to the audit committees in the salaries of the ministries of education and health, a committee composed of 13 members are scrutinizing the salaries of other ministries in the Kurdistan Regional Government, except the Ministries of Peshmerga and Interior.
In this regard, the spokesman for the biometric system in the Council of Ministers of the region, Samir Hawrami, said that on Wednesday they provided the Federal Government Committee with the latest databases and biometric information on the salaries of the staff of the region and demanded not to deal with ministries because the Committee of the Biometric system responsible for any shortcomings in the lists prepared by the Committee.
Hawrami added that the Baghdad committees deal with them on the basis of the biometric system of salaries of staff of the region.
The biometric system has been in operation since October 2016 to eliminate the phenomenon of two or three paychecks or false salaries. The deputy head of the provincial government, Qubad Talabani, supervises the system.
According to the latest statistics of the biometric system, the number of people receiving salaries in the region is 1,000,249 (two million two hundred forty nine).





Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi heads the meeting of the Higher Committee for Investment and Reconstruction. Where the Committee discussed the provision of the right environment for investment and that Iraq is an attractive environment for investments through new laws and procedures are currently underway, especially the recent issuance of the Council of Ministers in this regard.