Resumption of commercial activity between the Kurdistan region and Iran


Release date: 2018/2/7 20:38 • 23 times read
The Iranian consulate in Erbil has announced the solution of the problems of the border markets between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Kurdistan region and the resumption of commercial activity there.
“After intensive talks with the regional authorities and the Iraqi federal government, the border markets of Kela-Sardasht, Siraan Band-Bana, Shoshmi-Bauh and border police have been notified,” a statement from the Iranian consulate said.
“The resumption of trade through these markets, and the economic activists can plan to develop business transactions, and the Iraqi border police had been informed several days ago the closure of the informal border of Iraqi Kurdistan with Iran.”


Denmark supports Iraq’s stability by an additional $ 21 million


Denmark has announced its contribution of an additional $ 21 million to $ 400,000 to the United Nations Development Program for Stabilization in Iraq, which funds fast-track initiatives to stabilize the areas liberated from the ISIS.
“This contribution will make the total amount contributed by Denmark since 2015 to date about $ 38.1 million,” the UN Development Program (UNDP) said in a statement.
“More than half of the six million people who have fled their homes have returned because of the conflict,” said UNDP Representative Liz Gray. “We are trying to accelerate the stabilization process so that 2.6 million people are still homeless and want to return home and rebuild their lives. Iraq’s top priorities “.


Deputy denies the requirement of the International Monetary Fund to grant Kurdistan a certain percentage of the budget


Wednesday, February 7
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MP of the coalition of state law Abbas al-Bayati, on Wednesday, that Iraq is a federal state and the IMF and the World Bank deal with the federal government exclusively, denying the requirement of the IMF to pay Iraq a specific amount of the budget for the Kurdistan region in exchange for granting the agreed loans.

Al-Bayati said in an interview with Alsumaria News that “Iraq is a federal state, the IMF and the World Bank deal exclusively with the federal government and do not interfere with the details of the loans granted to Iraq, except in relation to the direction and projects that will go the money that has been given him towards them,” noting that ” Monetary specific aspects of the guidance of funds granted loans and identification of investment projects and not consumption.

Al-Bayati added that Iraq has all the necessary resources to obtain loans from donor countries. It is not a poor country or is unable to pay the debts. We have oil exports and the country has a productive state. In addition, Iraq will open up investment with international companies. Grants and loans “.

He denied al-Bayati that “the IMF has stipulated on Iraq to grant the region a specific amount of the budget in exchange for the survival of support from the IMF or grant him loans agreed with the government.”

The member of the Finance Committee MP Masoud Haider said on Tuesday that the passage of the budget in its current form without granting the Kurdistan region rights, it will make the International Monetary Fund does not submit the third report to provide loans to the Iraqi state.

World Bank”: $ 300 million to improve living in Iraq

The project will start in the provinces of Muthanna, Salah al-Din and Dahuk

07 Feb 2018 12:59 PM

Directly: Board of Executive Directors approved the World Bank Group project to improve the living conditions of more than 1.5 million poor families in Iraq, worth $ 300 million.

The World Bank said in a statement on its official website that the project will provide basic services and increase employment opportunities.

In its statement, the bank said that the Social Fund for Development (SFD) project will fund sub-projects in the areas of education, health, water, small-scale economic infrastructure and access to markets.

The World Bank added that the project will start in the provinces of Muthanna, Salah al-Din and Dahuk, to reflect the effects of poverty and conflict and displacement on those provinces, followed by the expansion of operations to include all the provinces of Iraq within 5 years.

The war against oil prices and low prices since 2014 has had a severe impact on Iraq at the humanitarian, social and economic levels, and increased poverty and unemployment, as well as health and education, and the decline in agricultural production and food.

Last November , the World Bank approved a $ 400 million financial aid package to support the reconstruction of liberated Iraqi areas and help rehabilitate their basic service structures.

‏Iraq ‘s economy announces record gas production

Twilight News

22 minutes ago

The oil and gas companies in the province of Salah al-Din and the start of investment and production of gas associated with oil operations and rates ranging between (50-70) million cubic feet a day, where it succeeded, said Oil Minister Jabbar Ali al-Allaibi on Wednesday. This difference in completing gas deliveries to the North Gas Complex in record time and at the lowest cost.

 , It came in a telegram to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Council included a set of achievements Ministry.

The minister said in the cable that the project adds a large amount of gas to national production, as well as the provision of good quantities of gas to power plants, which means to dispense with the use of other petroleum products in power generation, which cost the federal treasury amounts of hard currency, while continuing Working for the rehabilitation and operation of the system of pumping stations of crude oil from the field mentioned in order to accelerate the resumption of production during the next few period.

He added that the technical and engineering teams of the oil formations and the time and effort of the standards succeeded in the rehabilitation and operation of warehouses and reservoirs and gas stations in the liquid bath in the province of Nineveh, where the operation of four government plants to mobilize liquid gas and the opening and operation of 26 plants to mobilize liquid gas, which contributes to cover the need The maintenance of liquid gas fuel at the rate of 40-43 thousand cylinders per day, which is higher than the rates of production before the events of Mosul. This comes within the Ministry’s campaign for the rehabilitation, reconstruction and construction of liberated areas.

The minister pointed out that the ministry has achieved in the year 2017 unprecedented financial income amounted to 252 million dollars export of (80) shipment to foreign markets, thanks to the increase of national production of liquid gas and export surplus to foreign markets, which contributes to the strengthening of the national economy and development through In addition to revenues from oil, stressing the need to double the financial revenues in the current year from the export of gas, thanks to the ambitious plans set by the ministry to serve the national economy.


Ebadi’s economic adviser talks about a joint mechanism for the donor conference

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Special Mawazine News

The Prime Minister’s Advisor for Economic Affairs revealed the appearance of Mohammed Saleh on Wednesday on a joint international mechanism to oversee the funds that will be given to Iraq during the donor conference scheduled for the 12th of this month.

Saleh told Mawazine News that “Abadi’s approach is to confront and eradicate corruption, a program that is part of the government approach and the government reform document. We also have previous experiences with organizations and donors after 2003.”

He added that “there is a joint international mechanism for the national supervision and control of the implementation of projects with funds to be given to Iraq during the donors conference, which will be held in Kuwait next week, in order to cut the doubts of those countries.”

The economic adviser, “Iraq has a new vision made him open to international investment,” pointing out that “we have a higher council for reconstruction and investment headed by Prime Minister Haider Abadi to oversee the implementation of projects transparently.”

The donor conference to support Iraq is scheduled to be held on the 12th of this month

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