Kurdish deputy: Abadi agreed on the solutions we submitted on the rights of the province budget

Tuesday, February 6th
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Baghdad ,
said the parliamentary Finance Committee member Masood Haider, Tuesday, the IMF will provide to Kuwait conference negative for a report on Iraq if it passed the budget in its current form, while noting that Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi agreed presented by representatives of the Kurdish component on the rights of the province solutions Budget.

Haider said in an interview for Alsumaria News, ” The International Monetary Fundstipulated the Iraqi state as a parliament and the government of the need to commit to the need of the Kurdistan region Within the federal budget, otherwise there will be no third report by him to provide loans to the Iraqi state, which is in dire need, “noting that” it will also include a negative report by the Fund during the conference of donor countries in Kuwait for donor countries and companies wishing to help Iraq.
“We, as representatives of the Kurdish component, have solutions to the benefits of the province in the budget and within the total amount of them,” he said, adding that “the prime minister expressed during his last meeting with us his approval of these solutions, but we must hold a technical meeting with the prime minister to finalize them in order to send them To the Council of Ministers to vote it and then send it to the House of Representatives. ”

He continued that “passing the budget as currently drafted is something that can not be achieved either from the Kurdish or Sunni forces and even some of the parties to the National Alliance for the existence of a gross injustice to the budget for everyone.” He pointed out that “passing the budget by majority and not consensus will harm the political process in the country.”

“This will make Iraq’s international position very weak and Iraq will lose the assistance of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the donor countries and the international community, especially with regard to credit rating,” Haidar said. “This will create great damage to the economy and the international banking and economic reputation of the Iraqi state, .

The MP Zana Said, on Monday, that the IMF stipulated that the support of the Iraqi government in the columns of the donors in exchange for the allocation of 10 trillion dinars of the budget, or 14% of the Kurdistan region.

The balance of Iraq for 2018, which came from the government to the House of Representatives has set the share of the region under Article 9 first and second by 12.67% of the total actual expenditure “current expenditures and expenditures of investment projects” and according to the souls of each province after the exclusion of sovereign expenses.


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