Abadi: The budget is fair and we will not respond to pressure on them

07/2/2018 12:00 am

He stressed that Iraq has won terrorism and will win the battle of reconstruction
Baghdad / Follow-up morning
Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said that Iraq will win the battle of reconstruction as it won in its battle against terrorism and liberate its land, and that the major countries and major international companies are enthusiastic and seek to participate strongly in the International Conference for the reconstruction of Iraq, which will be held in Kuwait on 12-14 February, That there is a plan by the government to reduce the number of international coalition forces in Iraq gradually, stressing that the goal of the budget allocations 2018 is justice among Iraqis in various provinces and it will not respond to pressure on the budget from any party.
This came at a time, the voice of the Council of Ministers in its meeting on Tuesday on the main recommendations to ensure the sound investment in Iraq, and voted to launch loans in liberated areas, and voted on the instructions to conclude partnership contracts between the public and private sectors.

Fair budget
The prime minister said in his weekly press conference held on Tuesday: «We have held fruitful meetings with the parliamentary blocs that had certain demands on the budget, but the budget law for 2018 must go according to a specific time period, and call the House of Representatives to accelerate the adoption of the budget for what Delaying them from serious harm to all citizens. “
Abadi said that «deductions by 3.8 percent of the salaries of employees and retirees were added from the House of Representatives in the budget in 2016 through legal transfers, and the Ministry of Finance automatically added to the current budget in accordance with the established contexts, and this deduction ordered by the House of Representatives, it can raise deductions from The budget through the transfer also, with the blocking of allocations, and no more than the statements of some MPs on deductions and show the extent of care to citizens, but the process of promoting electoral no more and change the compass dealing with files that some people manipulated the tendencies and feelings of people, while not changed The government of its connection or policy or approach to dealing, but we sincerely deal with our citizens who have borne with us a very difficult stage, in short, the issue of deductions are in the court of Parliament if he wants to raise them legally », adding that« our goal in the budget is to achieve justice according to the proportion of the population did not We respond to pressure in this regard ».

The atmosphere is attractive
“We have received assurances from the major countries and major international financial companies and sectors in the presence of the conference, and the major countries and international companies are keen to participate. We have met an envoy,” Abadi said, referring to preparations for the International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq, which will take place from 12-14 February in Kuwait. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, ambassadors and envoys of the major powers and Egyptian President’s Assistant Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, who have expressed their desire to participate in the reconstruction plans. For half a century, Iraq has been overshadowed by the oppressive atmosphere of investment. Iraq is attractive for investment, the Iraqi people deserve a decent life after all the suffering he experienced ».
Abadi added that «one of the European envoys told me that the companies that registered to participate are twice as specified at the Kuwait Conference, and what concerns foreign countries and major companies for investment in Iraq is not a security factor but the factor of corruption and bureaucracy, which needs to plans and programs to eliminate it, Easier than the elimination of corruption, and we have succeeded and won in the battle against terrorism and the liberation of our land, and we will win and succeed in the battle of reconstruction and attract investment ».

Displaced persons and small enterprises
The Prime Minister stressed that «the government is continuing in the process of creating services and facilitate the stability of the displaced, and there is no pressure to forcibly return the displaced, we encourage the return of displaced persons and provide all services to them, to conduct elections according to their constitutional dates smoothly and safely», and Abadi to diplomatic relations with countries, : “Our policy is clear with the countries of the region and the countries of the world, and we believe that any disturbance between the countries of the region will negatively affect Iraq, so we seek to build strong and neutral relations with all countries. We have directed our ambassadors to provide the best services for Iraqis abroad, P Aq in countries where our representatives, and we believe that there is enthusiasm and aggressive good about this. »
“The government continues its program to encourage investment, create jobs by creating economic twinning between the public and private sectors, and encouraging small enterprises. Many of the economies of the major countries are based on small projects. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has launched 3000 project loans In order to create new jobs and improve the lives of citizens in all governorates. “

Government program
The Prime Minister discussed the most important topics discussed and discussed by the Council of Ministers in its regular session. He said: “The Council discussed and conducted a comprehensive review and assessment of the most important achievements of the government in its ministries during the last three years of the government’s stated program, the achievement rates in each field and obstacles encountered. The Cabinet approved the recommendations of ensuring a sound investment in Iraq, which is part of our plan and government program. The vote was taken to launch interest-free loans to build the role of citizens affected by terrorist acts and military operations. The eyes of the public and private, as well as the Council voted to join the New York Convention because of the benefit of Iraq ».

Press dialogue
In his response to the government’s measures to combat corruption and eliminate bureaucracy, the prime minister said: “At every international forum I participate in, we emphasize that we are fighting corruption and reducing routine procedures to attract investment to Iraq. The ministers to identify the obstacles and obstacles to the investment process, and make Iraq an environment and a country attractive for investment and foreign companies », but added:” But this can not be achieved quickly as a result of the accumulation of problems and obstacles.
As for the presence of the international coalition forces in Iraq and the pressure that has been exerted on them over the past few days, Abadi stressed that «there is a government plan and plan to gradually reduce the number of these forces, and there is still a real danger to the terrorist groups near us on Syrian territory, and we need a huge air cover by The international coalition to control our borders with Syria, yes; our forces liberated the entire Iraqi territory and is working daily to pursue the remnants and cells of terrorism in every inch of our land, but to eradicate terrorism in full need international effort and support ».
Al-Abbadi touched upon the Iraqi-Egyptian relations and the visit of the Sisi’s assistant to Baghdad recently. “The visit and the exchange of delegations have opened up broad horizons for cooperation with Egypt. Our project is to build mutual mutual development, not just over-government relations. “We do not want to build coalitions against alliances, we want to establish mutual interests with all countries and peoples of the region and the world.”
Al-Abadi spoke about the Kuwait conference, stressing that «big companies were invited and there are requests from all countries to participate, and there is great effectiveness for humanitarian associations and organizations during the conference to contribute to help Iraq to promote», adding: «We do not seek help from the world, Iraqis sacrificed their blood To eliminate the terrorist organization Dahesh, and removed the danger from the world, and part of the Kuwait conference is to help the humanitarian side of the return of Iraq and Iraqis, and Iraq is now a center of stability and a platform for development and reconstruction of the region ».
“The current government is not working for its four-year life through the organization of the Kuwait conference or through all the steps of its program, but it is looking to build the future of Iraq for many years.”

Session of the Council of Ministers
The Council of Ministers on Tuesday held its regular session under the chairmanship of Abadi. According to a statement to the Prime Minister’s Media Office received by «morning», that «the Council devoted part of its meeting to review what has been achieved from the government program, in particular the great achievement of liberating the provinces that raped them, The country and the security progress and economic and financial measures in the light of low oil prices, and what has been completed by the ministries despite the circumstances of war and financial crisis, and the ministers have presented what has been achieved in their ministries within 3 years and the obstacles and challenges faced by their work ».
The Council of Ministers also voted on “the main recommendations to ensure sound investment in Iraq, and the vote on the issuance of loans in liberated areas. The Council voted on the instructions for the conclusion of public-private partnership contracts. The Council also voted on Iraq’s accession to the 1958 New York Convention.”

Diplomatic meetings
Prime Minister Haider Abadi met on Monday evening with German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s envoy, Eckhard Brozah. Barroza affirmed “the broad German participation in the Iraq reconstruction conference in Kuwait and his country’s desire to work with Iraq in various sectors including energy, finance, education and automation. Services and management of reconstruction projects ».
Abadi also met with US Ambassador to Baghdad Douglas Silliaman. During the meeting, they discussed boosting bilateral cooperation between the two countries, supporting the United States of Iraq in all fields, stability and reconstruction of Iraq and the desire of American companies to invest in it.

European support
On the other hand, hosts the Prime Minister on Wednesday, a delegation from the European Union Mission in Iraq to announce the strategic objectives of the Union in support of Iraq over the next five years, according to a mission statement received by «morning», that «to help Iraq to overcome internal challenges, select The European Union a number of strategic objectives that will guide his support for Iraq over the next five years, “the statement added that these goals” will be presented (Wednesday) in the guesthouse prime minister. “



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