Pentagon denies troop cuts in Iraq


Date of release: 2018/2/5 21:17 • 139 times read
Pentagon spokesman Eric Bahon said Washington did not intend to withdraw any US troops from Iraq in the near term.
“The Pentagon agrees with the government of Baghdad to transfer the functions of US forces deployed in Iraq to operations focused on training Iraqi army units and increased readiness and capabilities to fight terrorism,” Bahon said in a press statement.
The spokesman for the US Central Command that Washington may start withdrawing heavy equipment, “such as long-range artillery of the Hautezer.”
Bahoon said the number of US troops deployed in Iraq with Baghdad’s approval now is 5,200, plus 2,000 US troops deployed in Syria.
The Pentagon rejects “security reasons,” according to Bahon, to disclose the number of special units that may spread from time to time in secret, recalling that the number of US troops in Iraq can rise or fall according to the requirements of reality on the ground.
The Iraqi government announced today the start of the reduction of US troops in Iraq after a humiliating defeat.
Western media reports said the United States was moving its troops from Iraq to Afghanistan.

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