Najib: We will not vote on the budget in case the survival of the share of Kurdistan 12%




05-02-2018 03:17 PMThe Euphrates –

The Kurdistan Alliance, he will not vote on the federal budget in the event of remaining the share of the Kurdistan region by 12%, pointing out that that quota does not cover the needs of the Kurdish people by 50%.

MP of the Alliance Najibajib, explained in a press statement that the Kurdistan Alliance has dozens of observations on the federal budget, including observations of the existence of legal violations in the construction of the budget and accounting errors in the budget figures and build on $ 46 per barrel of oil.

Called Najib, Prime Minister Haider Abadi to review the draft general budget and take into account the rights of the Kurdish people and grant sufficient share of the Kurdistan region.
It is noteworthy that the Kurdistan Alliance decided to boycott the parliament session for today in the event of the inclusion of the draft budget law for the year 2018 on its agenda, pointing out that all Kurdish blocs without exception refuse to pass the budget as currently.

For her part, the MP of the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc, “Ashwaq dry,” that the position of the coalition towards the draft budget law for 2018 has not changed after meeting the Kurdish blocs with Prime Minister Haider Abadi, while pointed out that all the Kurdish blocs will continue to boycott the parliamentary sessions if included Its budget schedule.


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