Iraq comment on the “withdrawal of US forces”


Iraq comment on the "withdrawal of US forces"
 2 hours ago

The security adviser to the Iraqi government Said al-Jayashi, on Monday to change the functions of the International Alliance of combat in Iraq.
This comes in the wake of what the Associated Press said on Monday that US forces began to reduce the number of its troops in Iraq after the end of the stage of state regulation on the basis of an agreement between Baghdad and Washington.
Iraqi forces backed by the US-led coalition last year seized control of all the territory under the control of the Islamic state in 2014 and 2015, including the northern city of Mosul, which was the real capital of the militants.
“After the end of the war, the coalition’s tasks changed from combat missions and flights to training and development of Iraqi forces,” Saad al-Jayashi told Shafak News.
“Previously, the international coalition was involved in military operations and was carrying out dozens and hundreds of sorties, but now it will be reorganized and reorganized,” said Jiyashi, who provides security advice to the Iraqi government.
The US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, called last mid-month, “not to commit the same error as in 2011, when allowed early exit from Iraq to al-Qaeda to survive in this country.”

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