Abadi: We expect new positions translate understandings with the Kurdistan region



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Khandan –

The media office of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi, that the federal government is not responsible for any contracts concluded by the Kurdistan Regional Government with foreign companies from outside Iraq in respect of oil fields or other and who bear all the material and legal consequences, whatever.

Saad al-Hadithi, a spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office of Information, said in a statement to the newspaper “Al-Sabah Al-Jadid” that “the last meeting between Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the head of the regional government, Nechirvan Barzani, was emphasized on a set of principles and the basis for solving problems between Baghdad and Erbil, Of the fields located in the region, “noting that” the file sovereign is subject to the authority of the federal government and must be received by the Iraqi oil marketing company Sumo of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil. ”

Al-Hadithi said that “any oil or investment contracts concluded by the government of the Territory during the previous periods without the knowledge of the federal government is not responsible for them and bear the territorial government all the material and legal consequences,” pointing out that “any contract concluded must be subject to the federal government and the Iraqi Oil Ministry And their diligence and knowledge and any work outside this framework, has no interest in it. ”

Al-Hadithi revealed the existence of technical committees and specialized teams consisting of the Sumo Oil Company of the Ministry of Oil and the Energy Committee in the Council of Ministers and some concerned authorities in the Government of the Territory, noting that “its work will be limited to activating the agreement reached between the two governments and translate them on the ground during the coming period “He said.

He said al-Hadithi that “the prevailing atmosphere today between the federal government and the region is much better than it was before the referendum, as well as a significant change in the positions of the region in terms of the Constitution and respect the decision of the Federal Court on the referendum,” and noted that “this change is positive for the better Which is in the right direction, but we are waiting for the positions and principles announced by the region and understandings reached with his government in previous meetings with Prime Minister Abbadi by giving powers to the technical committees to do its work properly and resolve the joint files between the parties.




Pentagon denies troop cuts in Iraq


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Pentagon spokesman Eric Bahon said Washington did not intend to withdraw any US troops from Iraq in the near term.
“The Pentagon agrees with the government of Baghdad to transfer the functions of US forces deployed in Iraq to operations focused on training Iraqi army units and increased readiness and capabilities to fight terrorism,” Bahon said in a press statement.
The spokesman for the US Central Command that Washington may start withdrawing heavy equipment, “such as long-range artillery of the Hautezer.”
Bahoon said the number of US troops deployed in Iraq with Baghdad’s approval now is 5,200, plus 2,000 US troops deployed in Syria.
The Pentagon rejects “security reasons,” according to Bahon, to disclose the number of special units that may spread from time to time in secret, recalling that the number of US troops in Iraq can rise or fall according to the requirements of reality on the ground.
The Iraqi government announced today the start of the reduction of US troops in Iraq after a humiliating defeat.
Western media reports said the United States was moving its troops from Iraq to Afghanistan.


Senior Iraqi official in Erbil tomorrow to accelerate the salaries of the province

A senior Iraqi official in Erbil tomorrow to accelerate the salaries of the province
 58 minutes ago

The head of the Iraqi control body is due to visit Erbil on Tuesday, an official in the Ministry of Health in the Kurdistan Regional Government said that the visit of the Iraqi official comes to accelerate the preparation of a report on the salaries of staff of the region.

The director general of planning in the Ministry of Health Kurdistan Vian dry in a press statement that the head of the Iraqi oversight will be on Tuesday to visit Erbil, adding that the visit is dedicated to follow up the work of the Audit Committee in the salaries of staff of the region.

Al-Jaf said that Baghdad told them to prepare an urgent report on the work of the Audit Committee and send it to Baghdad so that the latter would send the salaries of the Ministries of Education and Health to the region.


Disclosure of the condition of the International Monetary Fund to support the Government of Iraq !!


05-02-2018 03:11 PM


Baghdad News –



MP Zana Said, on Monday, the requirement of the IMF to support the government in donor conferences, in return for the allocation of 14% of the budget for the Kurdistan region.

Said said in a press statement that ‘the Finance Committee held earlier meeting with the International Monetary Fund’, indicating that ‘the latter stipulated that his support for the Iraqi government in the columns of the donors in exchange for the allocation of 10 trillion dinars of the budget, or 14% of the Kurdistan region ‘.

“The government is trying to shirk this condition,” he said, adding that “this will affect the position of the government during donor conferences, including the Kuwait conference.”


formation of a new committee between Baghdad and Kurdistan

The formation of a new committee between Baghdad and Kurdistan
 Twilight News    
 52 minutes ago

Shafaq News / The Iraqi Border Ports Authority announced the formation of a committee from the governments of Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region, whose mission is to open two border crossings in the province of Sulaymaniyah.
“The Iraqi government committee is headed by Kazim al-Aqabi, head of the border crossings authority in addition to a committee from the Kurdistan Region, including the director of ports and director of Customs of the Kurdistan Region.
He said that the committee will discuss the opening of the perpetrators of Kila and Sirwan in the province of Sulaymaniyah.
He pointed out that “the committee is in the process of working, and will raise its proposals on the extent and feasibility of opening the ports above and will be raised to the proposals of Haider Abadi, the prime minister, who is the first decision in this regard.”
The committee comes as a complement to the problem committees between Baghdad and the region following a breakthrough that led to technical talks on the salaries of employees and the management of border crossings and lift the international air embargo on the region, which was imposed after the referendum on independence.


Najib: We will not vote on the budget in case the survival of the share of Kurdistan 12%




05-02-2018 03:17 PMThe Euphrates –

The Kurdistan Alliance, he will not vote on the federal budget in the event of remaining the share of the Kurdistan region by 12%, pointing out that that quota does not cover the needs of the Kurdish people by 50%.

MP of the Alliance Najibajib, explained in a press statement that the Kurdistan Alliance has dozens of observations on the federal budget, including observations of the existence of legal violations in the construction of the budget and accounting errors in the budget figures and build on $ 46 per barrel of oil.

Called Najib, Prime Minister Haider Abadi to review the draft general budget and take into account the rights of the Kurdish people and grant sufficient share of the Kurdistan region.
It is noteworthy that the Kurdistan Alliance decided to boycott the parliament session for today in the event of the inclusion of the draft budget law for the year 2018 on its agenda, pointing out that all Kurdish blocs without exception refuse to pass the budget as currently.

For her part, the MP of the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc, “Ashwaq dry,” that the position of the coalition towards the draft budget law for 2018 has not changed after meeting the Kurdish blocs with Prime Minister Haider Abadi, while pointed out that all the Kurdish blocs will continue to boycott the parliamentary sessions if included Its budget schedule.



Iraq comment on the “withdrawal of US forces”


Iraq comment on the "withdrawal of US forces"
 2 hours ago

The security adviser to the Iraqi government Said al-Jayashi, on Monday to change the functions of the International Alliance of combat in Iraq.
This comes in the wake of what the Associated Press said on Monday that US forces began to reduce the number of its troops in Iraq after the end of the stage of state regulation on the basis of an agreement between Baghdad and Washington.
Iraqi forces backed by the US-led coalition last year seized control of all the territory under the control of the Islamic state in 2014 and 2015, including the northern city of Mosul, which was the real capital of the militants.
“After the end of the war, the coalition’s tasks changed from combat missions and flights to training and development of Iraqi forces,” Saad al-Jayashi told Shafak News.
“Previously, the international coalition was involved in military operations and was carrying out dozens and hundreds of sorties, but now it will be reorganized and reorganized,” said Jiyashi, who provides security advice to the Iraqi government.
The US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, called last mid-month, “not to commit the same error as in 2011, when allowed early exit from Iraq to al-Qaeda to survive in this country.”