Common understandings to pass the budget


05/2/2018 12:00 am

 Parliament discusses proposals to amend the election law
BAGHDAD / Muhannad Abdul Wahab
The House of Representatives is holding an important session to discuss the proposed amendments to the election law and discuss them in a “single basket” instead of dividing them. Among the amendments presented are the opportunity for the political blocs to nominate 20 percent of the campaign Preparatory certificate to its competing lists in the upcoming elections.
While the Independent High Electoral Commission, pointed out that the House of Representatives in the absence of amendments to the law of parliamentary elections and provincial councils, it will be forced to hold the elections of 12 May under the law in force without modification, the Integrity Commission, on Sunday, it proposed to prevent the law General amnesty to run for the upcoming elections.
Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the coalition of Iraqi forces reached an agreement on the controversial articles in the draft of the state budget budget for the year 2018, while the Presidency of the House of Representatives agreed to include the bill on the agenda of Monday’s session, In the Kurdistan Alliance blocs for optimism about the adoption of the budget, explaining that the meetings held by the Prime Minister with the Kurdish blocs in the federal parliament “are moving positively towards finding solutions.”

Joint Iraqi Operations: Coordinate with Saudi Arabia to secure borders


العمليات المشتركة العراقية: ننسيق مع السعودية لتأمين الحدود

Iraqi army forces

Sunday, 04 February 2018 05:30 PM


The head of the Iraqi Joint Operations Command Brigadier Yehia Rasool said on Sunday that the army’s sectors are advancing according to the precise intelligence that has been used to eliminate a number of terrorists, destroy their additions and tunnels and find and seize the equipment, weapons and wheels they use after eliminating a large number Of terrorist gangs.

“The heroic sectors of the Iraqi army were able to achieve the military victory over a preacher in early December, but there are still pockets and cells of the terrorist gangs that the Iraqi army forces managed to sweep and clear in the areas where Which relies heavily on the security intelligence effort to track and prosecute elements in the desert sector, which includes the areas of Anbar, Salahuddin and Nineveh, towards the Syrian border, as well as western Anbar province in the desert region adjacent to the Saudi border.

As for the coordination with Saudi Arabia during these operations, Rasul explained that “coordination between the two sisters is ongoing, especially as the region contains deep faith that can be used as a shelter for terrorist gang members.” “Our heroic sectors of Anbar Operations Command, And the border guards, assigned to the helicopter air cover of the coalition forces and the Iraqi army air, began military operations in the desert sector towards the Nukhayb area, adjacent to the Saudi border with Iraq.

The commander of Anbar operations in the Iraqi army, Major General Mahmoud al-Falahi, announced on Saturday, the launch of a large-scale military operation to clear the Anbar desert in western Iraq, and towards the border with Saudi Arabia,

In the same context, the security forces in the capital Baghdad seized a quantity of unlicensed weapons during a raid and search carried out on both sides of the capital.

The Baghdad Operations Command said in a press statement that “the security forces carried out today, a raid and search in the area of ​​Fadhiliyah next to Rusafa, and working in Karkh district.”

The command pointed out that “the process resulted in the confiscation of a quantity of unlicensed weapons.”


Agency for International Development: We provided three advisers to Abadi to promote the economy of Iraq


Agency for International Development: We provided three advisers to Abadi to promote the economy of Iraq

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The US representative for Iraq, Michael Nerbas, announced on Sunday the provision of three advisers to Prime Minister Haider Abadi to promote the economy of the country.
“We have presented three economic advisers to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi,” Nerbas said at a round table at the US embassy in the presence of a number of media, including Al-Ghad Press.

He added that “one of the advisers helps the loans of international money and the other works as a consultant to support the financial sector and third advises on the aspects of Abadi that harm the Iraqi economy,” noting that “this came to promote the economy of the country.”


Kurdish blocs: We will not participate in the session of the House of Representatives tomorrow




04-02-2018 09:14 PMThe Euphrates –

Is scheduled to be the House of Representatives on Monday, the second reading of the draft financial budget for the year 2018, without the participation of the Kurdish blocs.

MP Abdelkader Mohammed, a member of the parliamentary committee said in a press statement that it is likely to hold a second reading of the budget bill in the House of Representatives on Monday, stressing that the Kurdish blocs will not participate in the meeting.

The Kurdish blocs had boycotted the session of the House of Representatives attended by Prime Minister Haider Abadi on the financial budget for 2018, as did not reach the heads of the Kurdish blocs to any agreement during a meeting with Abadi on the increase of the share of Kurdistan in the budget.

MP Abdul Qader Mohammed, a member of the Kurdistan National Union bloc, said that the Kurdish deputies in the parliamentary finance committee expressed their readiness to form a joint committee with the Ministry of Finance on the share of the Kurdistan Region, stressing that the committee was not formed and that the Kurdish deputies in the Finance Committee have not received any readiness from the federal government on the Joint Committee.



Parliamentary Finance announces the approval of the Presidency of Parliament to include the budget agenda tomorrow


Information / Baghdad ..

The parliamentary finance committee announced on Sunday the approval of the Presidency of the House of Representatives on the inclusion of the budget law in a session on Monday.

Majida al-Tamimi, member of the committee, told Al-Maaloumah that he had collected more than 50 signatures to include the budget law in the agenda of Monday’s session.

Tamimi added that “the presidency of the House of Representatives agreed to include the budget in tomorrow’s session.”

The Kurdish blocs in the House of Representatives confirmed, last Wednesday, that it will not participate in any meeting of parliament, including discussion of the budget or vote on it, indicating that it does not meet the aspirations of the Kurdish people.

Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri on Saturday decided to resume the tenth session of the parliament within the last legislative term on Monday. Ending / 25 h


Barzani to Baghdad within days to complete the talks and end the crisis


BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The Dawa Party on Sunday unveiled a planned visit to Kurdistan by Kurdish regional leader Nechirvan Barzani to complement previous visits by Kurdish political and political delegations to Baghdad because negotiations need more time.                 The deputy of the Dawa Party, Abbas al-Bayati, said that “the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani, intends to visit Baghdad during the next few days to discuss ending the differences between the parties and the completion of negotiations in Davos, during which the Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, to discuss the latest political and economic developments And discussed the possibility of an agreement between the parties to end the differences, “noting that” the government of Baghdad determined to resolve the crisis between the parties in accordance with the principles of the Iraqi constitution and identify them with legal frameworks. ” End Ah

Kuwait: 70 countries participate in a meeting of the international coalition against the “Islamic State”, the first of its kind, which takes place after the liberation of Iraq from the terrorist organization



KUWAIT: Kuwait’s Deputy Foreign Minister Khalid Al-Jarallah said on Sunday that some 70 countries and four international organizations and organizations were participating in the ministerial meeting of the International Alliance Against the Islamic State Organization, scheduled to be held in Kuwait on February 13. This came in a press statement of the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry following a meeting between Al-Jarallah and a number of ambassadors and representatives of Arab and foreign embassies accredited to his country.

Al-Jarallah told the ambassadors that the meeting will be the first of its kind, especially since it is held after the stage of liberating Iraq from the clutches of the Islamic state of terrorism. Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi announced in November that the organization would be militarily eliminated. Al-Jarallah explained to the ambassadors that the upcoming meeting comes within the framework of continuing international efforts and joint coordination among member states in the field of combating terrorism and following up the strategy to fight the organization.

He pointed out that the meeting is a clear and strong message to confront terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, according to the statement. Al-Jarallah pointed out that the meeting will coincide with the Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq scheduled to be held in Kuwait from February 12 to 14.

He said that the first day of the Iraq reconstruction conference would be dedicated to NGOs, which are expected to participate in about 100 organizations. He added that the second day will be allocated to the private sector, which will participate for the first time in a conference on donors, pointing out that after the extension of the registration period was listed about 1800 companies and businessmen.

He added that the third day will witness the official opening of the conference, which will be co-chaired by the State of Kuwait, the Republic of Iraq and the United Nations, as well as the European Union and the World Bank.