Tamimi: the proportion of the region will not change and Iraq’s debt exceeded $ 117 billion

Editorial Date: 2018/2/3 23:12

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The member of the Finance Committee Magda Tamimi, the proportion of the Kurdistan region in the current budget will not change, noting that more than 117 trillion dollars Iraq’s internal and external debt.

“The Kurds demanded Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi, the proportion of the region and they replied that it will be on the proportion of population and demanded the release of salaries of employees, which is reserved and waiting for the audit to launch,” Tamimi told the program.

She pointed out that “they objected to the word northern provinces and Abadi told them that each state north as they objected to the rise of the sovereign expenses, the higher the proportion of the region decreased, and raised the subject of dues of the farmers of 700 billion dinars and the answer of Abbadi that some of them smuggled crops to neighboring countries, A survey was conducted by aircraft and the number of hectares was identified and evaluated. ”

She added that “Abadi stressed that the proportion of the region will not change like the provinces of Iraq, which is constitutional.”

She pointed out that “the existence of debts on Iraq internal and external until the end of 2017 estimated 117 billion dollars and a deficit estimated at 13 trillion dinars,” asserting that “there are still military expenses for the existence of reservoirs and pockets of a little but will be less than before.”


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