Parliamentary finance reveals the requirements of the province in the budget of 2018


Editorial Date: 2018/2/3 19:38 • 73 times read
(Baghdad: al-Furat News) Revealed a member of the parliamentary finance committee on the Kurdistan Change Movement Massoud Haider, that the Kurdish deputies did not demand the proportion of the province in the federal budget for 2018.

“There is no obstruction to approving the budget, but there are demands for an alliance of Iraqi forces, Kurds and oil-producing provinces, which have rights, which is an emphasis on the need to discuss the components and find solutions to be included in the law,” Haider told AFP.
He pointed out that “as a Kurdish component we have held two meetings with the Prime Minister regarding our demands, concerning the formation of a technical delegation between the representatives of the Kurds in the Finance Committee and the government headed by the ministers and the Ministry of Finance to assess the needs of the region and the payment of salaries.
He stressed that “the number of staff in the region 700 thousand employees, which is located in the Ministry of Finance of the region, in addition to the presence of 550 thousand other people who deserve financial grants from retirees and social welfare.”
He added that “the existing committees in the region checked the lists and there is no problem in it, and a report was submitted to the Prime Minister,” hoping “to pay the salaries of the rest, especially the staff of education, health and education.”
“We did not talk about any proportion in the budget of 2018 related to the region, but we will focus on the need of the region and we hope to get to common points with the federal government.”

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