Abadi and the Alliance of Forces reach an agreement on the budget

Date of release: 2018/2/4 0:19

(Baghdad: al-Furat News) revealed the Finance Committee parliamentary, the arrival of Prime Minister Haid al-Abadi and the coalition of Iraqi forces to an agreement on controversial articles in the draft law of the state budget for the year 2018.

Committee member Majida al-Tamimi told Al-Furat satellite channel yesterday that an agreement was reached during the talks between the Prime Minister and the Alliance of Forces on their demands for the budget. “She

pointed out that the two sides reached an agreement on” the government’s disbursement of salaries to employees audited security in the provinces and areas that have been occupied by gangs Calling for the terrorist, and the distribution of cash instead of the provisions of supplies that were not handed over to the residents of the provinces and areas that were under the control of a preacher. ”

She also reached an agreement” on the commitment of the federal government to transfer the powers contained in Law No. 21 of 2008 and “He

said the agreement also” to rotate the allocations of displaced persons for 2016 saved in the form of secretariats for the displaced and add to the allocations for the current fiscal year of the areas controlled by the gangs of the terrorist calling for the purpose of To restore stability to be distributed according to the proportion of the population of these areas ”

She pointed out that the approval of Abadi to the request of the Alliance of forces to reallocate the funds allocated to the Fund for the reconstruction of liberated areas for previous years, which did not act and for any reason to be added to the Sums allocated to the Fund for this year, “noting that” a new allocation can be made in this direction in the budget. ”

The coalition of forces also asked Abbadi to “pay 400 billion dinars from the Ministry of Displacement and Migration distributed to the displaced.”

Tamimi revealed that “the Ministry of Finance informed our Committee that the Ministry of the Interior has 25 thousand degrees of employment for 2017, using only 15 thousand degrees.”


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