the Iraqi presidency announces the preliminary results of the negotiations in Baghdad – Erbil and make a difference

Iraqi presidency announces preliminary results of the negotiations in Baghdad - Erbil and make a difference
 Twilight News    
 3 hours ago

“All the political parties need the Kurds for the upcoming elections and will meet all their demands,” an advisor to the President of the Republic said on Thursday, reassuring the citizens of the Kurdistan Region that the new round of negotiations between Erbil and Baghdad will have good results.
And started a new round of talks between the Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi government has been holding two meetings so far and during which the announcement of positive results as well as there is currently in the region a number of Iraqi audit committees working to audit the salaries of regional staff to be sent salaries after completion of the work of the committees.
In this regard, the adviser to President Abdullah Aliawi said that the negotiations that began between Arbil and Baghdad is a “very good” and that the delegations of Baghdad came to check the payrolls of the staff of the region, stressing that if these commissions good for the citizens of the region, it is very positive and will have results Positive that the solution to problems is not only through dialogue, as he put it.
He added that any step in this direction and to improve the living conditions of citizens is “very good”, expressing the hope that the two parties will reach an agreement and solve the outstanding problems through dialogue.


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