Baghdad ‘s economy is on schedule with one of the largest international projects

Baghdad on a date with one of the largest international projects
 Twilight News    
 3 hours ago

The World Bank has approved a new $ 210 million project that will help improve the quality of drinking water and sanitation services in water-scarce Baghdad and the spread of diseases transmitted by it, due to poor infrastructure, rapid population growth and an influx of displaced people.
The World Bank said in a statement that about five million residents of the Iraqi capital will benefit from the project, which will be implemented in conjunction with the Municipality of Baghdad and the departments of water and sewage in the city.
“Baghdad will need huge investments in drinking water and sewage treatment systems over the next 20 years,” said Saruj Kumar Jha, regional director of the Mashreq World Bank.
The World Bank said the project would fund the construction of a service tank with a total capacity of 135,000 cubic meters, helping the city manage water supply better in the event of drought caused by climate change. The project will rehabilitate existing sewage pumping stations, thereby reducing the overall health effects of untreated sewage discharged into the Tigris River.
The project will also contribute to reducing material losses by replacing some 130 kilometers of drinking water network pipes and establishing water flow meters in all areas of Baghdad.
Residents of the capital suffer daily drinking water shortages, especially during the hot summer months. Baghdad is one of the provinces affected by the spread of water-borne diseases. The leakage of sewage pipes leads to contamination of drinking water and groundwater systems, exacerbating health and environmental problems.
Baghdad’s population has risen by 45 percent in three years, according to the capital’s municipality, but the infrastructure is inadequate as well as affected by wars and sanctions suffered by the country.

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