Abadi ‘s economy receives a Kurdish proposal for salaries and a second round of talks

Abadi receives a Kurdish proposal on salaries and a second round of talks
 Twilight News    
 33 minutes ago

“Twilight News” received the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, a proposal from deputies Cord concerning the salaries of staff of the region.
Abadi met today in the Iraqi parliament with the heads of the Kurdish blocs and the Finance Committee to discuss the comments submitted on the budget.
“The meeting focused on the salaries of the staff of the region and the opening of airports and the share of the province of the budget.”
He added that the Kurdish blocs handed Abadi a proposal to spend the salaries of health and education staff for about 3 months until the completion of the audit of the lists of employees. ”
A second round of talks between Abadi and Kurds is scheduled for Saturday evening.

The Kurdish blocs announced boycotting the meetings of approving the budget until the inclusion of its observations, stressing the guarantee of 17% of them to the Kurdistan Region.

The adoption of the budget objections by the Kurds to reduce the proportion allocated to them from 17 percent as decided by the budgets of the past years to 12.67 during the current year, which is one of the measures taken by the federal government against the authorities of the Kurdistan region following a referendum on the separation on September 25 last.

For their part, the Sunni MPs demand the allocation of funds to return the displaced and enable them to participate in the next general elections.

The southern oil-producing provinces of Basra, Thi Qaromisan and Wasit are also demanding $ 5 per barrel of oil produced.

The total value of the general budget of Iraq for the year 2018 amounted to about 85.33 trillion dinars (71.65 billion dollars) deficit of 22.78 trillion dinars (19.13 billion dollars).

The documents revealed the draft budget law on reducing the share of the Kurdistan region of the total budget from 17% to 12.67%, allocated for current expenditures and investment projects in the provinces of the region.

The budget included a price of 43.4 dollars per barrel of oil, with a capacity of 3.89 million barrels to top oil revenues and mineral wealth revenues close to 73 trillion Iraqi dinars (70 billion dollars).

Abbadi had previously described the budget of 2018 as an austerity directed to reduce government expenditures for presidencies and ministries and to secure wages and salaries of state employees.



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