Kurdistan: US aid to Peshmerga did not come into force

Kurdistan: US aid to the Peshmerga has not come into force
 Twilight News    
 one hour ago

The finance minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (RBI), Rabaz Halaman, said Wednesday that US financial aid to the Peshmerga forces has not come into effect.

The remarks came during a meeting with US Consul General in Arbil, acting Steve Glenn, who today visited the Ministry of Finance and Economy of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

During the meeting, Glenn spoke about US Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan’s visit to Baghdad and Erbil and stressed that his country believes it is necessary to resolve the outstanding problems between the region and the Iraqi government, especially with regard to salaries, airports and border crossings.

He added that the Iraq reconstruction conference scheduled to be held in Kuwait soon, it is important to participate in a delegation representing the Kurdistan Regional Government.

For his part, Rebaz Hablan talked about the progress and understanding between Arbil and Baghdad, and explained that the ministry provided the audit committees coming from Baghdad with the necessary information in order to expedite as much as possible in the distribution of salaries to employees.

He also called for the continuation of US aid to the forces of Peshmerga Kurdistan, pointing out that the financial aid approved by the United States for the benefit of these forces did not enter into force so far, as he put it.


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