Abadi: We adopted the principle of justice on the share of the Kurdistan region in the budget of 2018


حيدر العبادي


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Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abbadi, attending a parliamentary session devoted to the second reading of the budget of 2018, on Wednesday, that his government has adopted the principle of justice and population ratios on the allocation of share of the Kurdistan region.

Cairo – Sputnik . Abadi said, according to a statement of his media office, after the meeting, the government “has adopted the principle of justice and population ratios on the share of the Kurdistan region in the budget.”

“The government is continuing to voluntarily return the displaced people to their homes and provide services to their areas,” he said, adding that the Electoral Commission for elections “promised to provide voter card for the displaced.”

According to the statement, Abadi said, “We should not allow political differences to affect economic development.” “The government has put all the revenues in the budget, and if the moving parliament wants to discuss this.”

“The government has increased the proportion of the social protection network to more than 60%, despite the financial distress in order to alleviate poverty.”

A source in the media told the agency “Sputnik” that “the session of the parliament, which was held on Wednesday in the presence of Abadi was secret; to discuss the budget of 2018 open,” explaining that “Abadi defended the budget prepared by his government, and explained that it can be discussed all revenue by “He said.

The source added that “the results of discussions held by Abadi today in parliament will be revealed tomorrow,” explaining that “it is expected that Abadi will attend tomorrow’s meeting in parliament as well.”

The source pointed out that “the parliament postponed its meeting to complete discussion of the budget and vote on it until Saturday morning next.”

Abadi held two meetings in parliament today, one with the representatives of the oil-producing provinces, the Finance Committee to resolve the problems related to the financial budget, and the other with the provincial deputies freed from the grip of the terrorist organization “Daash”.

The Iraqi parliament has failed to approve the state budget several times over the past few weeks and was due to adopt it last December.



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