Parliamentary Finance reveals the conditions of Baghdad to pay the salaries of the staff of the region

Release Date: 2018/1/30 22:00 • 1 time read
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) A member of the Finance Committee parliamentary Jabbar Abadi, on the conditions of the federal government to pay salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region.
Abadi told the {Euphrates News} that “the federal government stipulated dealing with the Kurdistan region as dealing with the province of Basra through the delivery of oil and according to the population ratio.”
He added that “the government required the region to hand over oil revenues and in return it is committed to hand over the salaries of operating expenses and 12.67% of the budget.”
Abadi pointed out that “the federal government is responsible for giving all the salaries of employees without exception; but in exchange for the delivery of revenues that reach the provinces.”
It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Haider Abadi stressed his keenness to pay the salaries of the staff of the region, especially the Ministries of Health and Education within the approved contexts and after completing the audit committees formed for this purpose, as well as the reopening of border crossings, including airports according to federal legal contexts.

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