Baghdad and Erbil agree on a final resolution of two issues with this date

Baghdad and Erbil agree on a final settlement of two issues by this date
 Twilight News    
 5 minutes ago

The meeting of the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government held a special meeting on issues of customs, border points and airports, and discussed the management mechanism of airports and border points.

The director of the Iraqi border crossing, Col. Mohammed al-Shuweili, who was present in Arbil, said in a press statement that the talks will continue on the border points and airports, pointing out that the delegation held a meeting with officials on issues related to the issue and that the meeting will continue on Wednesday to make a final decision on flights Direct to the airports of the region and border points.

He added that the problems between the province and the Iraqi government related to the constitutional foundations, and work on the two sides to the sovereignty of the Constitution in the shadow of a federal Iraqi and a firm constitution.

Al-Shouaily said detailed talks on the management mechanism of the border points and airports of the province and work to make a number of border points international outlets in the province of Sulaymaniyah, indicating that the other part of the meeting will be completed on Wednesday and the final results will be officially announced.

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