Parliament votes to double the fine of the absence of its members and ends reading the budget of 2018 {expanded}


Date of release: 2018/1/29 16:49 • 220 times read
The Parliament voted in the eighth ordinary session of the second legislative term for the fourth legislative year, which was held under the chairmanship of Salim al-Jubouri, Speaker of the House of Representatives and the presence of 166 deputies on Monday, the decisions of the deputies and ended the reading of four laws, including the federal budget for the year 2018.
A statement by the Information Department of the House of Representatives received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, “At the outset of the session the Council voted on a decision submitted by the Finance Committee indicates the absence of the need for measures taken previously by the House of Representatives on banking transactions with financial institutions in the Kurdistan region after verification The objective required to be committed to the Central Bank to submit monthly reports to the Committee on its powers and practices in the region and its role in maintaining public money.
Then the Council voted to approve a decision to double the penalty of absence of deputies to one million dinars.
He stressed Jubouri that “the law of the Union of Parliamentarians does not include material or moral privileges to its members, stressing that what has been circulated is a disgrace for health, noting that the interrogations submitted will be on the agenda in future meetings in accordance with the established contexts.
The Council also approved the addition of questioning Qasim al-Fahdawi, Minister of Electricity and the first reading of the draft budget law for the current year on the agenda of the session.
The President of the House of Representatives to extend an invitation to host Haider Abadi, the Prime Minister in a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the draft federal budget law at the request of the parliamentary blocs.
On the other hand, MP Ali Abdul Jabbar Shweileh to follow up the problem of bird flu epidemic spread in a number of provinces and poultry fields.
For his part, MP Fratt al-Tamimi, Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture, Water and Marshlands said that there were recorded cases of bird flu epidemic in a number of provinces and led to damage to the poultry breeders sector, calling for finding a suitable formula to solve the problem.
In turn, Al-Jabouri directed the committees of agriculture, water, health and the environment to follow up with the executive to brief the council on the epidemic.
On the other hand, the Council completed the first reading of the proposed law to include the contractors of the Sons of Iraq (Awakening) to the Ministries of Defense and Interior and submitted by the Security and Defense and Legal Committees, which aims to resolve the subject covered by the Diwani Order No. (118 / Q) for the year 2008 of the sons of Iraq (Awakening) To contribute to the stability of their legal situation and for the purpose of benefiting from their experience in the control of security and stability and appreciation of their positions in support of security forces in the implementation of its duties.
The Council completed the first reading of the proposed law of the Institute of Sports Management, submitted by the committees of youth, sports and legal, which came to develop sports departments and staff qualified to work in the field of sports management and to improve the performance of employees and keep pace with the development of the world in the field of sports management.
The Council concluded a report and discussion of the proposed amendment to the first CPA Order
} No. 2 of 2003, submitted by the Youth, Sports and Legal Committees and civil society organizations.
In the interventions of MPs, MP Riad Gharib stressed the importance of taking the government’s opinion to submit a draft law in coordination with the Olympic Committee in order to prevent it and avoid any financial consequences.
MP Abbas al-Bayati said that there are international laws that provide cover for the work of the Olympic and Paralympic Committees, calling for continuation of the work of the two committees according to their current situation since the issuance of the decision of the former civil governor.
In its response to the interventions, the committee stressed that the Iraqi Olympic Committee is acting in accordance with a decision issued at a meeting in Dokan city, calling for the removal of the Olympic Committee from the decision of the dissolved coalition authority only in accordance with a new law.
Then the Council completed the first reading of the draft federal budget bill for the year 2018 for approval.
Then it was decided to resume the session on Wednesday 31/1/2018

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