Urgent: Pullout of “popular crowd” from Mosul




27-01-2018 05:34 PMThe Euphrates –

A security source said that the federal police forces and the ‘popular crowd’ will withdraw from the city of Mosul, the center of Nineveh province within the plan to redeploy the organs of government, but did not specify the date of implementation.

“The security file for Mosul has been formally handed over to the local police,” said Jaafar Abdullah al-Lami, a senior commander in Ninewa’s operations command.

Lami added that the emergency regiments of the army and the gold division of the anti-terrorism unit (elite forces in the army) will support the local police. “He added:” This support will only be in case of any emergency, requires intervention and support. “ Stressing that the withdrawal of the forces of the crowd ‘comes within the framework of maintaining the security and stability of Sunni cities, and give their children an opportunity in the management of their security portfolio. And that ‘will prevent any escalation on the basis of sectarian’.

He pointed out that the forces of the crowd (after the withdrawal) will protect the desert sites and international land ports, under the supervision and coordination with the official security forces.

The 20 th Army Division will be tasked with protecting the external administrative boundaries of the city, its southern and western axis, while the 9th and 16th forces and the military counterterrorism unit will protect the external Mosul border from the northern and eastern axes.

Lami pointed out that an expanded security meeting will be held in the command of military operations in Mosul in the next few hours to discuss ways to remove all the combat crowds of the leadership of the popular crowd of the city.


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