Union of investors in the Kurdistan Region: Our markets will revive soon

Federation of investors in the Kurdistan Region: Our markets will revive soon
 Twilight News    
 4 minutes ago

“The problems that emerged after the referendum of Kurdistan in relation to the private sector was the full impact on the markets and the weakness of the movement and the lack of tourists to the region and the decline of investment movement,” a spokesman for the Kurdistan Investors Union said on Saturday.

Yassin Mahmoud Rashid said in an interview with the Iranian agency (JM) that after the visit of the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani and his deputy, Qubad Talabani, to Tehran and received by senior Iranian officials, confidence returned to markets in the region according to the points discussed by the talks between the parties and what was reviewed at the conference The journalist held by Barzani from important points and after which the markets saw some kind of movement.

Rashid said the region is directly linked to Iran because of a number of factors and it is necessary to inform people that because of the financial crisis and the low per capita income in the society, daily life is linked to Iranian goods and goods, pointing out that if the goods and goods are not secured from Iran, the problems will grow.

Rashid said that Iran has 800 industrial cities located close to the region in terms of geography, adding to the compatibility of taste between the two sides towards goods and commodities, especially foodstuffs, indicating that even on the one hand, prices and quality is appropriate, which made the region depends on Iranian goods by 80% Surrounding the province of Sulaymaniyah.

Rashid added that the border closure had a direct impact on private sector projects and investment, pointing out that the private sector of Kurdistan welcomes the normalization of relations with Iran.

He noted that a meeting will soon be held between the Kurdistan Investors Union and the Iranian Chambers of Commerce, especially the provinces of Kermanshah and Sindhaj.

Rashid said Iran had decided to support the provincial government and restore the level of trade between Tehran and Erbil in 2013, adding that two new border crossing points, Kila and Siraband, would be turned into two international crossings.

He also pointed out that the most important of all things, Iran allocates a billion dollars each year as an amount to encourage its companies, which is a suitable opportunity to develop relations with the parties of the region, noting that the Union welcomes the arrival of Iranian companies.

On the Iranian role in the political situation in the Kurdistan Region, Rashid said that Iran can play the role of mediator to solve the problems of the region with Baghdad and that part of Iran’s economy linked to the Iraqi economy, pointing out that the level of security and stability in Iraq and relations between Arbil and Baghdad within the framework of a unified Iraq has an impact To develop relations between Tehran and Baghdad.

He also stressed that the provision of salaries of the staff of the region by Baghdad will have a significant impact on the recovery of the markets of the region, especially in the investment sector, adding that the problems that resulted after the referendum in the region at the border crossings will end and he has come to him after the reopening of airports will increase numbers Flights between Iran and the region.


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