The International Coalition responds to the charge of killing civilians in a security operation in the area of ​​al-Baghdadi


BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The International Alliance on Saturday accused the United States of killing civilians in a security operation in Baghdad, saying coalition forces were not conducting unilateral operations in Iraq.



“The Iraqi Military Information Cell provided information on what happened last night in Anbar province against operations against a sympathetic organization,” spokesman Colonel Ryan Dillon said in a statement.



He added that “all operations come at the request of the Iraqi government and there are no operations of the international coalition unilaterally in the country.”



Earlier on Saturday, the military information cell issued an explanation on the al-Baghdadi area, while its main objective was clear and revealed the reason for the air intervention from the international coalition.



The cell said in a statement that “the Joint Operations Command had accurate intelligence about the presence of a terrorist leader in the organization of Da’ad (Karim Aifat Ali al-Samarmad) in one of the houses of al-Baghdadi to meet with a terrorist cell preparing to carry out operations against the security forces and citizens.”



The statement added that “based on this information immediately commissioned a force from the 8th Infantry Brigade and air support from the International Alliance for the purpose of raiding the place and arrest the terrorist required to eliminate,” noting: “After the implementation of the raid and the arrest of the terrorist during the inspection and evidence collection, A hand from one of the neighboring houses, which was called to respond quickly, and then withdrew the force to its headquarters. “



He added: “On the way back, there was a gathering of gunmen without coordination with the force in charge of duty, where the aircraft supported the force and the operation took place at 02:00 dawn on Saturday 27 January 2017,” adding that “the Joint Operations Command directed an investigation into the incident” . Finished

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