Kuwaiti official: Iraq began to pay financial compensation


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait announced the direct payment of Iraq’s remaining in the so-called “financial compensation”, the invasion of Saddam Hussein’s regime in 1991 to Kuwait.

The minister said the Kuwaiti Foreign Relations Khaled Al – Jarallah Assistant, according to The Middle East Monitor ” Middle East Monitor , “, on Saturday, that once “Iraq has DAUM another to pay compensation to Kuwait in Mali, instead of the prior agreement , which allowed Iraq to pay Kuwait gas instead of currency , Stressing that the payments will continue from Iraq until 2021.

He pointed out that the Kuwaiti government is conducting ongoing discussions with its Iraqi counterpart regarding the funds and property confiscated by the former regime belonging to Kuwaiti citizens during the 1990s in order to transfer their ownership to them or replace them with funds paid by the Iraqi government.

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