Kubic: the Iraqi people are preparing for the next stage after defeating a supporter

The special representative of the UN secretary-general on Iraq, Jan Kubic, expressed his satisfaction at the meeting of Iranian officials on developments in Iraq.

“The Iraqi people are preparing for the next stage,” the UN special representative for Iraq, Jan Kubic, said during a meeting with the adviser of the Islamic leader for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati. Roll back.
“The Iraqi people have been able, with the help of friendly countries, to defeat a preacher and prepare himself for a post-Saddam era,” he said.
“We support the Iraqi people in preserving their territorial integrity and the right of sovereignty, and in social and economic terms, it is very important to help the Iraqi people,” he said. In economic development, attracting investment and fighting corruption.
Jan Kubic expressed his hope that these developments will help Iraq to play its role in promoting stability, security and cooperation in the region. He expressed the hope that these developments will contribute to his historic role in the region in order to achieve stability, security and development in the region.



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