Canada plans to grant Iraq a loan of $ 200 million


Journal News

The Canadian embassy in Iraq, Andrew Turner, revealed Monday that it has opened a special visa office in Baghdad, noting that his country has started the implementation of the decision to grant Iraq a loan of 200 million dollars and the allocation of humanitarian aid to stabilize the country. Dollars.

Turner denied in an interview with the New World newspaper the presence of Canadian troops on Iraqi soil, with the exception of five police officers as trainers, to be reinforced by 20 officers, to prepare for the delivery of military assistance supporting the police.

He pointed out that Canada stands by a unified democratic Iraq, and its commitment to the decision of Baghdad to stop military aid from the Peshmerga forces at the moment.

He pointed out that “the Iraqi government promised many reforms in terms of trade and investment and remove obstacles to investors, which encourages international companies to invest in Iraq,” noting that “the opportunity now is very favorable and very important to attract companies and investors.”

“Iraq is now establishing a new era, but it is facing a challenge of another kind: how to reconcile Iraqis with all their religions, languages ​​and differences, because it will lead to a unified, stable Iraq free of problems.”


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