Albaraka Banking Group is ready to strengthen relations with Iraqi banks



Economy News Baghdad:

Albaraka Banking Group announced its readiness to open broad horizons for banking cooperation between Iraq and Bahrain,

“At the invitation of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Al Baraka Banking Group Chairman Adnan Ahmed Yousif and the President of the Association of Banks in Bahrain visited a delegation of the Union of Arab Banks, composed of the Secretary General of the Association, Wissam Fattouh, and the Media Advisor,” Al Baraka Banking Group said in a press statement. For the Union Raja Kamouni, the Iraqi capital Baghdad recently, in order to strengthen and strengthen relations between the Bahraini banks in particular and the Arab banks in general with the traditional Iraqi and Islamic banks, and open new horizons for these relations in all areas of financing and investment “.

She added that “the delegation met during the visit with the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Dr. Ali Alalak in the presence of Deputy Governor Dr. Munther Abdul Qadir Al-Sheikhly and a number of officials in the bank, and also met with the delegation also the President of the Association of Iraqi private banks Wadih Hanal in the presence of Directors General of the Iraqi private banks,” noting that ” The delegation a number of general managers of major government banks such as Rafidain Bank and the Bank of Rasheed, heads of Islamic banks and traditional in Iraq.

The statement quoted the Chairman of the Albaraka Banking Group, Adnan Ahmed Yousef, as saying: “We were very pleased brotherly visit to Iraq brotherly and met with officials of the Central Bank of Iraq and the Association of Iraqi private banks and Iraqi banks in order to open new horizons for cooperation between the banks of Bahrain and Arab on the one hand and banks Iraq, on the other hand, where we received all the welcome and hospitality, and this is not strange to our people in Iraq brotherly, which links the Kingdom of Bahrain brotherly ties and historical and brotherhood.

“We look forward to supporting Iraq’s stability and strengthening economic, trade and investment ties with the Kingdom of Bahrain by opening channels of financing and investment banking in support of these trends. We are ready to provide all banking services to Iraqi banks to achieve this goal,” he added.

On the other hand, the Secretary-General of the Union of Arab Banks, Wissam Fattouh, indicated the readiness of the Union to provide training and advice to banks and financial institutions in Iraq.

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