removed more than 100 Kurdish policemen from the disputed area between Erbil and Baghdad

Twilight News

2 hours ago

The head of the Sinjar district council in Ninewa province, Wes Naif, said on Saturday that the popular crowd is seeking to keep any Kurd in the region and replace the Arabs.

The official website of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) quoted Nayef as saying that Sinjar and its environs are witnessing a campaign of “Arabization and propagation” and a demographic change similar to that of the former regime.

Nayef said Kurdish police had been removed from Zammar and Arab elements had been brought in to replace them. “In Sinjar, the wanted person is also forced to join a police course in Kut province in southern Iraq,” he said.

The official website of the Democratic Party, which he described as a well-informed source in Zammar, declined to mention his name. “All the administrative and military posts are now in the hands of the Shiites,” he said, adding that the grassroots crowd had recently been removed from Zamor, the Kordian agriculture and police chief. Kurdish police and the appointment of 110 followers of the Shiite sect.

In this regard, the official of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Committee in Sinjar Hassan Khalo to the site of his party that the popular crowd is making many violations and collect money from the people and raise the Iraqi media and images of references to all Shiite institutions and prevents writing in Kurdish and did not remain on the Kurdish police in the region.

Zammar is one of the disputed areas between Arbil and Baghdad and is located on the Iraqi-Syrian wadi with a population of more than 50,000 and dominated by the popular crowd.

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