Abadi policy declares the relationship with the Kurdistan Democratic Party

Abadi declares the relationship with the Kurdistan Democratic Party
 Twilight News    
 15 minutes ago

Shafaq News / Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the absence of a break with the Democratic Party of Kurdistan.
The relations between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region after the feet of Arbil to hold a referendum on independence ended with the consent of the majority, but Baghdad opposed, and then ended the entry of Iraqi forces to the disputed areas and the imposition of economic measures on the region.
“There is no break between the Democratic Party of Kurdistan and any party in Iraq, and we communicate with everyone, but everyone has to participate in the solution, and try to obstruction is incorrect,” Abadi said at his weekly conference.
“We do not have any hostility with anyone, and whoever imagines this, does not look at the national interest. We try to stay away from the dispute with the parties, and the personality of things is wrong, and what happened in the region is something that we want to deal with. And we will not leave the issues loose and must be addressed. ”
And the Kurdistan Democratic Party of the most influential parties in the region, with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.
However, the Democrat completely rejects Baghdad’s recent actions and was one of the most pro-independence parties in Iraq.



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