Abadi calls on the House of Representatives to pass the budget and reveals the arrest of corrupt

Date of release: 2018/1/9 20:28 • 320 times read
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called on the House of Representatives to pass the budget of 2018, stressing that “any delay of its decision will not harm the government, but will harm the citizen alone.”

“The intelligence efforts of the security forces, which have achieved victories by uncovering terrorist cells and thwarting terrorist acts,” he said, “continue to open all streets in Iraq, especially the capital Baghdad, to reduce pressure on citizens.”
He called on the House of Representatives to “not delay the adoption of the budget,” noting that “some want to embarrass us in this delay; but it will harm the citizen and the reasons are unconvincing,” noting that “the government worked justice approach between the provinces and according to population ratios, but some want to increase some “It is not in the interests of the people, but for his personal benefit.”
He stressed that “the Council of Ministers voted on the financing of the Electoral Commission,” calling on the claimants to delay “not to claim it,” expressing his surprise at the ”
On the situation in the region, Abbadi said that “there are meetings with several political forces and directed that there be more periodic meetings between the High Security Committee formed by the parties to Baghdad and Erbil to resolve the issue of the border in full and return to the borders of 2003,” pointing out that “despite promises not Are still not ready to implement it. ”
“This year the region received 9 trillion dinars from the sale of oil other than customs and taxes,” he said, calling on the Kurdistan Regional Government to “announce the figures for the export of oil and where I went and how the money was disposed of. ”
On the files of corruption, Abadi said, “We have several blows to the file corruption and there are several people were arrested and there is a list under study.”
“The reconstruction will include all areas of Iraq through the completion of development projects, the reconstruction of the infrastructure of the liberated areas and the preparation of the basic matters of water, electricity, health, education and mine clearance for reconstruction,” Abadi said. Displaced persons to their areas. ”
“Some people want to confuse stability and reconstruction and do not want the displaced people to return and dream of a return as a weapon dealer,” he said, adding that “the conference has a very positive signal and the European countries and the United States, Japan and China support this conference, and Kuwait has provided the possibilities for holding it, “Continued trade cooperation with neighboring countries to achieve a qualitative leap in that.”
Abadi responded to a question regarding the rapprochement between the parties of the National Alliance, especially the State of Law, with the Kurdistan Democratic Party. “There is no separation between us and the Kurdish parties. They are part of an Iraqi political group in the House of Representatives. I have no break with any party. Either attempt to obstruction is not true, “noting that” some accuse Arbil of the referendum, and we do not enter it because the characterization of things is wrong and it is not permissible to keep things loose. ”
“The government is committed to delivering the rights of the farmers of Kurdistan, where they received all their entitlement 2017 and received more than their allocations 2015, as a result we do not want to punish the peasants and do not want to punish the citizen in the region and nowhere.”
On the presence of Turkish troops in Iraqi territory, Abadi said that “this requires a strategic solution and they have been in northern Iraq since the days of the former regime, and confirm their war with the PKK, and the Turkish army has conducted several huge operations but did not achieve positive results.”
He pointed out that “Iraq will not assign any side against its neighbors, which is prohibited in the Iraqi constitution and do not want to engage in wars on behalf.”


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