“We want a professional army that protects citizens without discrimination


Release Date: 2018/1/5 22:31 • 123 times read
President Fuad Masoum on Friday addressed the Iraqi people, officers and soldiers of the National Army and our armed forces on the occasion of the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Iraqi army.
“On this sixth day of January, we celebrate with pride and honor the 97th anniversary of the establishment of our glorious Iraqi army, which along with all of our heroic armed forces formed one of the greatest national achievements in the modern history of our country and our people by achieving a decisive victory over the terrorist In an eternal heroic epic that raised the appreciation, admiration and solidarity of all the peoples of the world. ”
“It is rare for a modern army to regain its self-confidence with such force, speed and efficiency as our Iraqi army and all our armed forces did, as demonstrated by the firm and decisive response against the terrorists and the remnants of the former regime.”
“In mid-2014, many people at home and abroad thought that our army would no longer be that wall that protects the homeland and citizens against dangers, especially the threat of terrorists, calling for the arrival of people from all parts of the world, but this is our army and has refuted that illusion by purging every inch of Iraq, through a series of exciting victories, has restored to him, through the high professionalism and the high morale that he has shown, not only his self-confidence but also the confidence of his people and the whole world as a guarantee to protect the unity and sovereignty of Iraq and the dignity of all Iraqis. ”
He added: “Without a doubt, these victories would not have been achieved without the encirclement of our people in all its components and spectra around our armed forces in all their formations of the National Army, Air Force, Anti-Terrorist, Air Force, Federal Police, Popular Mobilization, Peshmerga forces, security services and all the supporting formations of engineering, medical, Logistics and volunteers from the tribes and civilians in liberated areas, and all the citizens who contributed in any way to achieve this eternal victory. ”
“The passing of this auspicious occasion now calls upon us to stress the importance of the cohesion between our armed forces and the citizens who have been a solid supporter of their armed forces in the defense of Iraq and its security and freedom. We also reaffirm the need to complete the construction and development of our armed forces, This difficult stage depends on them as the shield shielded to protect the homeland and the gains of the democratic experiment. ”
The president stressed the importance of moving ahead with the plans to build a strong Iraqi army with a military doctrine whose aim is to serve the people and the public interest, protect sovereignty and support reconstruction, a national and professional defense army that belongs to the whole of Iraq and has no place for narrow loyalties and is capable of protecting citizens without any discrimination. Which also requires the limitation of weapons by the state and deter any excesses on the authority of the state and the law. ”
On this national occasion, Masoum expressed his warmest congratulations to all Iraqis, especially to the heroes of the army and the armed forces, and to the support of the international community and its support for our army and armed forces and for the martyrs of our righteous people who sacrificed lives for the freedom of their country and the liberation of their people and humanity from the scourge of terrorism. Heroes, and every year, Iraq and its army and armed forces with pride and prestige and power. ”
On January 6, Iraq celebrates the anniversary of the establishment of the army in 1921.


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