Maasoum sends a book to Abadi on the constitutional irregularities in the budget of 2018


Date Posted 05/01/2018 10:20 AM

In an official letter sent to Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi, Iraqi President Fuad Masum explained some constitutional and legislative irregularities in the budget of the year 2000.

Masoum said in the book that after reviewing the articles contained in the draft budget law from the constitutional and legislative point of view, it was found that there are some constitutional and legislative irregularities in it, namely the receipt of the single provinces of the region once, and the other regions and governorates of the Kurdistan region, which requires consolidation of the term according to the Constitution.

He explained the need to use the term Kurdistan region instead of the non-constitutional vocabulary used in the draft budget as the Territory has its three legislative, executive and judicial powers on the basis of the Constitution, which stated that the powers of the region the right to exercise legislative powers and executive and judicial, The revenues collected federally to the region and governorates are sufficient to carry out their duties and responsibilities, taking into account their resources, needs and population.

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